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Melissa Grey & David Morneau, Robert Kirkbride – ‘Always Becoming’ [EP] [Album Review]

Too vibrant to be termed ambient music, ‘Always Becoming’ fuses hints of folk-pop and dream-pop elements into imaginative sonic creations.



Always Becoming, a collaboration between Melissa Grey & David Morneau and guitarist Robert Kirkbride is an EP informed by the various aspects of time enveloped in soft, intertwining layers of dream-pop and translucent orchestral aromas.

Composers and producers, Grey and Morneau create music enlightened by leitmotifs of time, space, nature, language, and dance. In contrast, Kirkbride’s work delves into the interplay of memory, ornament, and placemaking.

Featuring Kirkbride on guitars, Grey on theremin and guitar feedback, and Morneau on trombone, Always Becoming comprises four tracks – “Being,” “Always,” “Ever,” and “Becoming.”

“Being” travels atop a light, emerging rhythm accented by a thick bassline as shiny, almost chiming tones percolate and quiver overhead, imbuing the tune with mandalas of lustrous surfaces.

Perhaps the best track on the EP because of its blend of creamy textures and hesitating flow, “Always” hovers and slides on glittering colours while a dark, pulsating ripple adds throbbing vibrations.

Slow and dreamy, “Ever” offers complementary planes of sparkling guitars, one lighter and trembling with anticipation, the other more strident and cautious. The result is a drifting sensation, evoking a pensive mood.

Opening on a delicious pitter-pattering rhythm, “Becoming” takes on a warm effect, highlighted by Kirkbride’s splendid guitar juxtaposed against the calling tones of Morneau’s trombone, infusing the melody with gentle tremors.

Too vibrant to be termed ambient music, Always Becoming fuses hints of folk-pop and dream-pop elements into imaginative sonic creations.

Always Becoming Track Listing:

1. Being
2. Always
3. Ever
4. Becoming

Run Time: 14:15
Release Date: March 7, 2023
Record Label: Flower Cat


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