Premiere: Toeheads Tease New Record ‘A Cruel Winner’s World’ with Lead Single “Told You Twice”

“Told You Twice” is your first sampling of new music from Toeheads’ brand-new record ‘A Cruel Winner’s World,’ due on December 16th via Big Neck Records.



You don’t need to be told that Toeheads are from Detroit to know they are from Detroit. All it takes is one listen, and you should have no trouble recognizing those unmistakable classic punk rock ingredients within their sound and approach to their craft.

“Told You Twice” is an accurate indication of the trio’s no-holds-barred approach to punk, a nice little reminder of the vintage era of the Detroit scene of the late 1970s. Punk has obviously changed a lot, not necessarily in a bad way, but you rarely hear the sheer intensity and relentlessness with which Toeheads approach, not just every song, but every note. It’s a method that would make any classic punk rocker incredibly proud.

With his own two cents on “Told You Twice,” drummer Derek Burbank notes:

“This song played in Jon Lovitz’s heart when he smashed Andy Dick’s head onto the bar top. It is one note away from reaching through the speaker and choking you Homer Simpson style. Why YOU LITTLE!”

“Told You Twice” is your first sampling of new music from Toeheads’ brand-new record. Titled A Cruel Winner’s World, the album is scheduled to be released on December 16th via Big Neck Records (pre-order here). The record will feature twelve tracks in total, showcasing the group’s mastery of classic and modern punk sounds.

Joining Burbank in this ruthless troika is the unmistakable Jake Aho on vocals and guitar and the lively Joey Hanania on bass. Nothing is off limits when it comes to live performances; you come to a Toeheads show expecting the unexpected. Like in the old days, you could experience sweat, blood, something borderline offensive, and demolished instruments, and you’ll realize you’ve never had so much fun at a live concert. You could refer to their music more as garage punk due to its grounded approach, which harkens back to the passion and lawlessness of acts like Jay Reatard and Ty Segall. If you thought Detroit had somehow lost its vintage punk rock qualities and characteristics, listening to Toeheads will undoubtedly change your mind.

A Cruel Winner’s World Track Listing:

1. UFO
2. Hole In The Head
3. Mixed Up
4. Stupid Juice
5. No Reason To Complain
6. Braindead
7. Goin For A Ride
8. Black Flag Tattoo
9. Talk To You
10. Hang Up
11. Pretty Lady
12. Told You Twice

Artwork for the album ‘A Cruel Winner’s World’ by Toeheads


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