Our Violet Transports Fans to a Romantic Hideaway with New Folk Single “Secrets”

Denver artist Our Violet Room – aka Matthew Birch – is preparing to release his next single “Secrets” on September 24.



Denver artist Our Violet Room – aka Matthew Birch – is preparing to release his next single “Secrets” on September 24. Filled with gentle acoustic strumming and hauntingly beautiful harmonies, the song pairs perfectly beside Birch’s previous single, “Winter,” which is featured on FreeForm’s popular show Good Trouble. “Secrets” was inspired by Bon Iver and early Coldplay records, two artists who Birch is commonly compared to because of his alternative folk sound that reveals raw emotion through vocal and lyrical presentation.

New Zealand pop artist Estella Dawn also features on the single, bringing in her delicate vocals to complement Birch’s tones. As a talented musician with a unique and melodic command, subtlety, and range, the multi-genre artist remains driven to shed light on the conversations that matter in today’s time and age. Often compared to icons such as Adele, Billie Eilish, Pink and Hayley Williams, to name a few, Estella continues to impress listeners with unique musical compositions and stunning vocals, crafting her own position in the world of music.

A blend of romance and adventure, “Secrets” feels like the touch of wholesome love that the world is desperately craving. The song at its core is about “being with someone you love, and knowing secrets that only you two share,” says Birch. While a listener’s first thought may be to escape on a jet to a secluded island with their lover, the underlying essence of the single reminds them that their relationship – late dinners, walking the dog, sitting on the couch together – is the real prize. As the seasons change and the world faces new challenges, people turn to music for relief. Birch has poured genuineness and graciousness into “Secrets” to make it not only a relief, but also an escape for fans looking for the magic in music.

A deep love of movie scores and the composers that made them alongside an admiration and passion for folk music is the base of the music that Birch creates under the moniker Our Violet Room. An “indie singer-songwriter with a cinematic twist,” Birch got his musical start in 2018 by playing SoFar Sound shows – first in Denver but soon all over the world. A humble story of overcoming depression, working hard, and diving headfirst into his dream, Birch only has one goal…. to make thoughtful, well-made, emotional art that inspires his listeners and causes them to feel. Thus far in his career, Birch has released two EPs – Our Violet Room and the live EP Loss and Death in Winter – alongside a handful of singles. Mixing folk and cinematic soundscapes seem to be working for the emerging artist as his songs have a combined 80K+ streams. “I don’t go for cool or hip, I go for what moves me.”

Cover art for “Secrets” by Our Violet Room


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