Simple Like Silver (Kaveras Film) [Movie Review]



Indie film Simple Like Silver manages to create a meditative reflection on the dreamy nature of life, memories, missed exits, lost highways, and roads not taken here. It’s an examination of the things we can and cannot control, how some things are determined by choice and character while others are simply forces of nature. It’s how we each choose to move forward by being our best selves that we can truly find ourselves. The film, written and directed by Damian K. Lahey, stars Cristina Marsillach (Dario Argento’s Opera) and is wonderfully composed by David Wingo (Midnight SpecialTake Shelter).

The story is centred around three characters caught at different crossroads in their lives who run into each other through a simple twist of fate. One is a young woman who wakes up in the middle of nowhere after being drugged on an online date. The other is an older woman reflecting on life after being diagnosed with a terminal illness and is looking at everything she has left in life along with being at peace while travelling as a way to make the most of her remaining time. Lastly, is a young boy finding his own voice as a writer to discover himself through self-expression. As their lives overlap and intersect, the film focuses on the poetry of the movement in everyday life that surrounds us all and the quiet beauty therein contained.

As we see these characters walk through life the dramatic contrast of the story comes from one character fearing the future and one speaking about watching her life pass her by, but what binds them together is they’re both looking for a way to move forward, move on, and find a way to be closer to their true selves; to find a way to live with the decisions they’ve made and what to do with the time they have.

The film finds itself moving towards life’s quiet moments flowing all around us that also create subtle opportunities to look at the world inside ourselves.

Simple Like Silver is available on Amazon Prime.

Director: Damian K Lahey
Starring: Cristina Marsillach, Susanna Nelson, Hudson Sims
Studio: Kaveras Film
Distributor: Amazon Prime
Release Date: April 11, 2021 (United States)
Run Time: 70 minutes


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