JIMBO Aim to Capture the Emotions of Adolescence with New Single “Foxy Methoxy” [Premiere]



Don’t look now but our friends in JIMBO have been up to their psychedelic ways again, with their latest single “Foxy Methoxy” which comes complete with its own visualizer video. We previously introduced you to the band’s “Gray Skies” last spring, a taste of their definitive, modern psychedelia. “Foxy Methoxy” comes across as a little moodier, with the video providing some colourful visuals that help add to the song’s ambiance.

Just as “Gray Skies” was, “Foxy Methoxy”  was recorded at Toronto’s Noble Street Studio. Working within a superior recording space, as well as having access to some excellent gear, and complimentary Red Bull, the band was able to record the song in only one day, with no arduous, time-consuming production attached to the process.

In terms of what “Foxy Methoxy” means to the band, they offered, “Words and music were written by singer and bassist Alex Van Der Heyden. We believe the song is best captured in its last line: ‘just hoping that you raised me to learn from my mistakes.’ The song aims to capture the feelings of guilt associated with experimentation throughout adolescence. Yet, the secret and rebellious nature of this time was a source of excitement for young Alex. Hiding these experiences from a ‘guardian angel’ came to define these years. ‘Foxy Methoxy’ tries to sonically capture feelings of anxiety, relief, and realization that one goes through when navigating this time.”

Along with Van Der Heyden, JIMBO is rounded out by guitarist Joe Narducci and drummer Jacob Tessier. It’s no surprise that their music is so psychedelic in sound since it’s the type of rock n’ roll which they bonded over the most. What defines their sound is the gentle, poetic lyrics, and the dreamy chord progressions which lend it that 1960s feel.

Formed in 2017, JIMBO’s main musical goal is to blend modern heavy riff rock with classic psychedelia. Right now, they are busy finishing up their third EP, with plans for it to drop this summer. It’s about combining the best from the past and the present, which JIMBO so very capably does.

Artwork for “Foxy Methoxy” by JIMBO


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