Don’t Miss the “Final Credits”… Watch Devin Sinha’s New Music Video! [Premiere]



When it comes to Devin Sinha, it’s all about evolution and open-mindedness. An artist through and through, Sinha has just released his new music video for “Final Credits,” his newest single and first new music since his October 2020-released full-length Liminal Space. The song springboards off of the many concepts that are investigated throughout that album, most notably times of change and progression. The song and video are special, for they offered Sinha an opportunity to work directly with his sister Ariel Sinha throughout the entirety of the creative process.

While Devin makes his living as a singer and songwriter, Ariel is a masterful designer and illustrator, living and working in Chicago. She is particularly interested in exploring portraits, shapes, colours, and humour, and using them to create works of art that are representative of all types of individuals. With the “Final Credits” video, she has created a simple, but effective video that helps emphasize the country vibe of the song.

Explaining the context within which the song was written, Sinha explained, “I began working on ‘Final Credits’ during the same time that I was writing my album Liminal Space. Liminal Space was an album dealing primarily with periods of transition, whether with physical movement, changes in phases of life, or periods of emotional change. This song has its roots in those feelings, with the protagonist going through both emotional and physical tension. I wanted to capture a feeling about how once art is created, it really doesn’t belong to the artist anymore, but rather to the audience. A song I write is only mine until it’s published, at which point the listener owns a piece of it and puts their own lens on what I am expressing through the music.

Further, if someone becomes a celebrity and the general public is aware of them, the public starts to form their own opinion of who this person is, even if they’ve never met before. The perception versus reality, and the expectations you place on others even when you don’t know their full set of emotions and experiences is something I tried to capture in this piece.  In these ways, I think of this song almost as a coda to the last album, and the title of ‘Final Credits’ fits well within that.”

Sinha concludes, “I was able to work with my sister, graphic artist Ariel Sinha, on the artwork and video for this song. For the video, I wanted to simply show the process of creating from start to finish, showing how art evolves through its conception to its conclusion. I am always excited when I have the opportunity to collaborate with my sister, and our shared vision for the audio and imagery to work in tandem resulted in a very fun video and finished art to go with this track.”

Sinha has had quite the eventful five-year run since the release of his 2016 album Our Past and Present Futures. He followed that up with Our Fathers Were Lions the following year, before really buckling down on Liminal Space, a truly global affair, and unquestionable labour of love. The album was written across the world, in places as far and wide as Sydney, Australia, Bali, Indonesia, and even the pine forests of the Pacific Northwest. Liminal Space is a reference to a period of transition, where you’re in between what’s past and lays behind you, and what lies ahead. That transitional nature acts as the cornerstone of the record, with many of the songs anticipatory of what may lay ahead. What both Liminal Space and “Final Credits” show is what an evolutionary artist Sinha is.

Never content in one spot, Sinha is a musician who moves quickly, a true sign of an artist eager to take on and conquer his next great challenge.

Artwork for ‘Final Credits’ by Devin Sinha


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