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Korpse – ‘Insufferable Violence’ [Album Review]

Dutch brutes Korpse set the bar for death metal albums in 2021 with their pulverizing offering ‘Insufferable Violence.’



From Stillbirth’s Revive The Thone album to Katalepsy’s offering, Terra Mortuus Est, Unique Leader Records put out some sickening releases in 2020. However, with the release of Insufferable Violence, the new offering from Netherlands maulers Korpse, they’ve set the standard ridiculously high for anything that follows in 2021.

The Dutch band’s third album, Insufferable Violence, kicks off with the hellish “PTSD” before hurtling headfirst into the pulverizing title track. Rotten to the core, the record lurches through the slam-drenched “Disposable Underaged Objects” and the chugging filth of “Self Preservation” almost without stopping for breath. Now the problem with writing about albums from the death/slam genre is that, all too soon, the route one predictability makes it, much like the genre, very difficult to offer up anything new. However, thankfully, these Dutch brutes mix things up enough to keep your interest throughout. That’s if your senses haven’t been mashed to a pulp by the time the quartet are pummelling through “A Final Lesson.”

Every blastbeat is like a punch to the guts while frontman Sven van Dijk’s indecipherable vocals sound like they’re being puked up directly from hell as this lesson in violence lurches through the glorious “Genocidal Bloodbath” and the crushing “Callousness.” Thankfully, Korpse are more than just a route-one death metal band, and there a plenty of moments throughout the album where the group drops into some room-shaking slam breakdowns. Again, while it’s nothing new for the genre, these dense, chuggy breakdowns offer up something of a respite from the relentless torrent of hell raining down on your skull.

Listening to the death/slam genre, it’s hard to know where to sit because, on the one hand, the genre never offers up anything new or original. Still, at the same time, with labels like Unique Leader and bands like Korpse churning out such devastating collections as can be heard on Insufferable Violence, it’s hard to knock the genre. As a bar-setter for the year ahead, Insufferable Violence has set the standard, and, quite frankly, it’s fucking terrifying to think how the following pack is going to match this sickening lesson in brutality.

Insufferable Violence Track Listing:

2. Insufferable Violence
3. Disposable Underaged Objects
4. Self Preservation
5. A Final Lesson
6. Genocidal Bloodbath
7. Callousness
8. Vital Transaction
9. Molestation Condonation
10. Epochs of Melancholy

Run Time: 28:17
Release Date: February 26, 2021
Record Label: Unique Leader Records


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