Namek Goes G-funk on “Change” Video feat. NHale (aka Baby Nate Dogg)



LA-based hip-hop artist, Namek (born Joseph Huicochea) has dropped a video for his G-funk-inspired single “Change” featuring NHale, aka Baby Nate Dogg, son of the late legend Nate Dogg. The track is lifted from Namek’s forthcoming album, No Dress Code.

Namek has partnered with Ice-T’s Final Level Music, which is run by Hen Gee of Rhyme Syndicate. He, simply put, finds his inspiration for what he does “in the art of rhymes and beats.” Nothing wrong with his plans to “reignite the passion for the GFunk sound.”


Artwork for “Change” (ft, NHale aka Baby Nate Dogg) by Namek


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