We’ve Been Impressed…. December Top 10



We get a TON of emails every day filled with awesome new music from independent artists all over the world. Most of the time, we get to feature our favorite ones and share them with you guys. But sometimes, we don’t have the time to get to everyone on our list. Check out the bands below to see who we’ve been raving about behind the scenes and why you will be raving about them too!
Song: “Black & Blue”
Who: Penny Betts
Why We Love It: Beach-side vibes combined with classic UK tones and an anthem-like approach to songwriting – Penny Betts is quickly becoming known for their hypnotic melodies and reverb-soaked indie-rock soundscapes. We can’t decide if it’s something that’s perfectly calming or decidedly energizing…. either way, we’re a fan.
Song: “What Am I To Do”
Who: Frank Mighty’s Hotline
Why We Love It: “Living with someone and actively making the effort to spend time together are different things. I’ve been lucky to have these people in my life since moving out nearly a decade ago, and whether you live with your significant other, or your pals, having someone to come home to is lovely. When they’re gone, your space feels larger and emptier, you feel their absence the most. The same thing applies to traveling pals, you become so close, spend so much time together, when it’s time to separate, it can be tough. I wrote WAITD thinking about them.” – Frank Mighty’s Hotline
Song: “Ghost”
Who: Faithroze
Why We Love It: Transitioning from EDM, back to her roots in classical piano – Faithroze has released a beautifully raw single that exposes her voice for what it is: delicate, beautiful, haunting, and one we want to hear more of.
Song: “Under Your Skin”
Who: Tall Heights
Why We Love It: Mark our words… this band will be huge in 2020. Their new track emits ethereal, floating harmonies and twinkling melodies creating a mesmeric atmosphere and oozing a sense of nostalgia. Take a listen and see why Tall Heights needs to be on your playlist.
Song: “My Name Is December”
Who: JS Williams
Why We Love It: If you like Bon Iver, you’ll like JS Williams. An ambient track filled with Williams’ silky vocals fill our ears and instantly put us in a meditative state of relaxation. The lyrics are beautifully poetic…. listen closely.
Song: “And We Fall”
Who: Marco DeLiso
Why We Love It: For fans of Bahamas or Jeremy Loops, Marco DeLiso is the new go-to guy for our playlists. “And We Fall” is an indie pop track that highlights Marco’s hip hop influences, with quirky pop soundscapes and playful piano melodies, emitting DeLiso’s diversity and sheer uniqueness.
Song: Reflections EP
Who: Fever Joy
Why We Love It: The whole thing is really good. The EP features dark basslines, animated synths, and infectious melodies that are instantly ear-catching. It’s no wonder Fever Joy is selling our shows everywhere they go.
Song: “Emblem”
Who: Wax Charmer
Why We Love It: Was Charmer is a new rock group full of 80s vibes and bossa nova inspiration. “Emblem” languishes in the reality of modern American life – an era of uncertainty mixed with memories of safer, more stable times long before emboldened hate, blatant corruption and mass deception took over the news. “A song about having felt safe in America, and watching yourself lose that sense of safety day-by-day,” as songwriter J.H. Kleinman says. It offers a landscape of emotions that many of this generation can sympathize with.
Song: The Escapade EP
Who: aVIEonearth
Why We Love It: The perfect mix of old-school soul with a modern twist. aVIEonearth is an old-soul at heart, but finds the perfect way to blend modern hip-hop and electronic elements with classic melodies. This entire EP is really eclectic, experimental, and one we can ‘t stop listening to.
Song: “Hate That I Love You”
Who: New West
Why We Love It: “Hate That I Love You” is a pop ballad that’s a slightly twisted love story depicting a relationship between two individuals under the influence of intense, obsessive romance.


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