Everyday Dolores Unveils New “Cowboy Down” Music Video



Everyday Dolores

After winning multiple awards on the film festival circuit for their music video “Can You Hear Me On (The Other Side)?”Everyday Dolores has teamed up once again with film director Alex Haney on an incredibly ambitious stop animation, claymation video for “Cowboy Down” off of the 2020 Sunflower album.

“Cowboy Down” portrays the tale of a cowboy and his horse facing off against corruption, bullying, and hypocrisy in a poker game that spirals into a chaotic saloon brawl. Haney devoted five months to crafting each clay figure and set, bringing Ulliman’s ambitious concept to life with extraordinary detail. The time and energy put into this video evident from the moment you hit play—and your gaze is locked from start to finish.

Mike Ulliman, the man behind the project of Everyday Dolores, shares:

“Alex did the very first Everyday Dolores video for “Rockstar Chicken” in 1996 at 14 years old. He did claymation and edited on 2 VCRs and it was beyond what most professionals did then.”

In a world where presets, templates, and plug and play aesthetics seem to rule the day, the “Cowboy Down” video crashes in like a wrecking ball of originality and mastery of craft. And beyond the striking visuals, the video’s narrative, symbolizing contemporary societal challenges, prompts viewers to consider the complexities of good versus evil.

Released today on all major platforms, you can watch the invigorating new video for “Cowboy Down” off Everyday Dolores’ Sunflower album—which is also available on vinyl and digital formats.


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