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Peppermint Heaven – ‘Fascination’ [EP] [Album Review]

Set off by various genres, with ‘Fascination,’ Peppermint Heaven does what they do best – regales listeners with gratifying retro indie-pop.



Peppermint Heaven ‘Fascination’ EP album artwork

Los Angeles-based indie-pop duo Peppermint Heaven releases their new EP, Fascination, a four-track collection of songs produced by band members Juno and Spark and mixed by the renowned multi-platinum mixer/producer Brian Reeves.

Peppermint Heaven shares, “We wanted to show our sonic diversity in this EP – our ‘fascination’ (if you will) with the different facets of our musical palette.”

For the last decade, Peppermint Heaven has been pumping out retro-flavored pop hits. They arrived in 2014 with the release of their debut single, “Plenty of Time,” which hit the Top 10 in the UK. Since then, the duo has dropped multiple albums, EPs, singles, and remixes, collecting more than 16 million streams on Spotify along with over 94,000 monthly listeners.

Fascination opens with “Sunday Morning Love,” featuring a bouncy melody reminiscent of The Beatles. Layers of brass and breezy vocal harmonies merge to form a deliciously swaying tune.

“So Hard,” a jazz-tinted, bluesy soul song, probes into the complications of romantic relationships. Juno’s percolating keyboards meld seamlessly with Spark’s skiffing guitar as their voices intertwine, imbuing the lyrics with yearning, quixotic savors.

“Let The Children Play” combines rock-lite and flowing electro-pop surfaces into a dreamy, pushing tune, highlighted by the evocative vocals of Juno and Spark. The vocal harmonies on this track are stellar, integrating into creamy, sweet concord.

Peppermint Heaven, photo by Tai Thai

Bubbling with disco and glittering pop energy, “Fascinating” gleams with streaming layers of sonic colors riding a pulsating rhythm as the lyrics herald the thrill of first love.

Set off by four different styles of music, with Fascination, Peppermint Heaven does what they do best – regales listeners with gratifying retro indie-pop.

Fascination Track Listing:

1. Sunday Morning Love
2. So Hard
3. Let The Children Play
4. Fascinating

Run Time: 17:24
Release Date: December 15, 2023
Record Label: Megahit Records


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