Riding With Killers Premiere the Music Video for Their Ferocious Single “Hostility”

Riding With Killers, led by new Taproot guitarist Taylor Roberts, debut the spirited music video for their ferocious single “Hostility.”



Ferocity is the name of the game when talking Riding With Killers, so it’s no surprise that their latest single is titled “Hostility,” and comes with it a contentious tone. Today sees the debut of the song’s official music video, a spirited, industrious clip featuring the band furiously and passionately playing their asses off.

Despite their newness, the band comprises a decorated group of veteran musicians who come into this project with years of experience. They are led by Taylor Roberts, the newest guitarist of the distinguished and highly regarded alternative metal band Taproot. “Hostility” is the follow-up release to the band’s 2022 single “What Comes Next,” and it really succeeds in helping further establish them as a force to be reckoned with, led by that unmistakable ’90s guitar approach.

Although a straightforward, performance-based clip, much effort went into organizing and shooting the video. Here to expound is Roberts, who says:

“Shooting the video was such a fun and seamless process. We teamed back up with our friends at Studio Cor3/Revo Media in Grand Rapids, Michigan to shoot at their incredible facility. Jason Arntz directed, and he jumped in like he’d been there from the beginning. It’s nice finding people that want to be involved in the project and actually care. The team up there provide a wonderful environment to create.

“The entire process was very organic, everyone meshed so well on and off screen and before we knew it we were wrapped. It was wonderful to share the screen again with Damon Tate and a first time appearance with our new drummer Jed Thibeault. The team really showed up and I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve put together.”

Roberts is not the only noteworthy name within Riding With Killers. He formed the band in 2018, but it also includes the aforementioned Jed Thibeault, known for his work with Avalon Black, among others. Roberts birthed the project when his previous acts Cathercist and Wile Fire both began to come apart. Each of those bands enjoyed success within the genre, which gave Riding With Killers a much-needed starting point that has helped propel them this far in a rather short period of time.

Despite his role in Taproot, Roberts intends on treating Riding With Killers as equally important and vital to him as an artist. It’s off to a convincing start as we excitedly await more new music from this emerging act.

Riding With Killers “Hostility” single artwork


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