Walshy – “Long Time” [Song Review]

With its dream-pop dance flavors, hip-hop rhythm, and rippling vocal washes, Walshy’s “Long Time” (Sleepover Club Records) delivers an imaginative audio-visual experience.



Alternative hip-hop artist Walshy releases his new single, “Long Time,” a psychedelic-infused blend of hip-hop and indie dance music.

“Long Time” was written while Walshy was living in Leamington Spa and mirrors his feelings of exasperation because of having nothing in common with the locals, being misjudged, and the relief he felt upon returning to Dublin and running into an old friend.

Formerly one-half of the duo Caleb & Walshy, in 2019, the pair dropped their debut album, Terminal 27, followed by two singles, “Lover’s Leap” with Shiv and “Thanks for Thinking.” Then Walshy went solo, dropping his single, “Glass Case.”

Originally from Dublin, Walshy cites influences such as Elliott Smith, Beach House, Kanye, and Wu-Tang. His sound merges elements of jazz, boom bap, and delayed vocals akin to dream-pop.

The video, directed by Dylan Hayes, showcases dancer Caterina Danzico, who, while walking in the woods, begins dancing. Her avant-garde movements may be interpreted as disposing of the trappings of adolescence before entering adulthood. Unique camera angles and shifts to psychedelic filters give the visuals kaleidoscopic accents amid the primal forest.

The intro to “Long Time” is at once elegant and dainty as emerging flute-like tones presage the entry of a trap rhythm topped by sparkling layers of color and flowing strings. The sonic leitmotifs shift and fluctuate like fractals, imbuing the harmonics with lysergic, wavering tones. Delayed yet wistful and velvety, Walshy’s vocals give the lyrics a buttery, gliding sensation.

With its dream-pop dance flavors, hip-hop rhythm, and rippling vocal washes, “Long Time” delivers an imaginative audio-visual experience.

Run Time: 2:59
Release Date: August 5, 2022
Record Label: Sleepover Club Records



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