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We’re determined to add some colour to your day today with the whimsical new single from Filip Sjögren and his band Hands Down. The song in question is “Paintroller,” a swaying, gentle new track that demonstrates Sjögren’s ability to blend several different musical styles and create something inventive and original. Layered to perfection, this song has it all; swirling synths, delicate vocals, and a wonderfully harmonized saxophone that adds a bit of jazzy feel to it all. It all adds up to create a warm mood and ambience, accentuated by “Paintroller’s” glistening chorus.

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Like many great songwriters, Sjögren likes to leave his work open to interpretation, but to him, “Paintroller” is about feeling unwelcomed. As Sjögren said for himself, “The song is about being coloured by everyone else, and having your own ideas crushed by outside forces. Not feeling very welcome to the party, both in terms of music and society, feeling peer pressure. That’s what inspired the song. I had the whole song done at one point, and then I scrapped the vocal and wrote and recorded a whole new melody and vocal. That demo was called ‘Paintroller,’ and so that inspired me to write the new lyrics. I have no idea why that demo was called ‘Paintroller.’ But it is a very visual word.”

Released on April 9th through Youth Recordings, “Paintroller” is the follow up to Hands Down’s bittersweet debut single “Too Late.” Being a songwriter and a performer is not necessarily Sjögren’s day job either, as he was previously best known for his work as a producer and a sound technician. When inspiration hit to record his own music, Sjögren decided to take a year’s hiatus from working in the recording studio and ended up writing a batch of very personal songs. His expertise in the studio is very apparent on “Paintroller” in particular, with the song featuring a lot of little twists and twirls that only a studio master and enthusiast would know how to incorporate.

There’s a richness to Sjögren as a songwriter and he’s bringing it all together in the classiest, most elegant way possible.

Artwork for “Paintroller” by Hands Down


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