Tattoo Talk: Little Fireworks Discuss Tattoo Pain, Special Pieces, and Ocean-Inspired Ink

Emerging rock duo Little Fireworks discuss their favourite ink, tattoo pain and Kav’s love of ocean-inspired ink…



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Emerging indie rockers Scott Viney & Pierce Kavanagh, aka Little Fireworks, have just released their debut EP, Where Did the Light Go? This fresh collection of four songs establishes Little Fireworks as a true contender to reignite some hope that’s very much needed in these trying times.

Think soft, heartbreaking verses, huge, anthemic chorus; close your eyes and immerse yourself. It may be intense, but the constant, universal theme in their production and lyrical content is absolutely one of hope, providing a much-needed flicker of light when all else is dark, a.k.a: a ‘little firework.’

In our latest edition of Tattoo Talk, V13 sat down with the pair to discuss their favourite ink, tattoo pain and ocean-inspired ink.

What is your absolute favourite part of getting fresh ink?

Kav: “Coming up with a tattoo idea and everyone being like ‘really?!?’”

Scott: “My favourite part is the permanent aesthetic of it all. This is now part of me, and I love it.”

Little Fireworks Tattoo Talk #1

Do any of your tattoos have a particularly special meaning behind them? If so, do share, man!

Kav: “I have a pair of skulls on my arm that represents the first song I released in my brief stint as a solo artist. SO Special still makes my little eyes water.”

Scott: “I’ve got a Frightened Rabbit logo, one of our favourite bands. In honour of the lead singer, Scott Hutchison, who sadly took his own life back in 2018.”

If you HAD to get someone’s face tattooed on you, whose would it be and why?

Kav: “I’d get Scott’s. People say our voices go well together – maybe our faces would too!”

Little Fireworks Tattoo Talk 2

Tattoo pain: “Love it, hate it, indifferent to it? Or maybe the pain is all mental?

Scott: “I think it actually feels quite nice after a while – scratches the itch!”

What inspires you for your tattoo designs?

Kav: “Scott loves the deep blue ocean. He’s full of lobsters and jellyfish.”

What advice do you have for anyone looking to tattoo or get tattooed?

Scott: “Just do it! Go for it! We have one body, one canvas. Use it!”

What’s the most painful piece you’ve ever received?

Little Fireworks Tattoo Talk 3

Scott: “It’s gotta be the heart with an eyeball in it. It’s on the inside of my arm, and that fucking killed!”

When did you know you wanted to get tattooed/get into tattooing?

Scott: “The first time I laid eyes on a lobster.”

Kav: “The first time I laid eyes on Scott’s lobster… man, that sounds weird.”

For more information on Little Fireworks, head over to their Official Website here.


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