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Behind the Video: OMM Discusses the Emotional Complexity of “NO MORE”

We spoke with OMM to discuss the inspiration for “NO MORE,” the blending of music and dance, and communicating his vision.



OMM, photo courtesy of MGMT

Following the release of “INSANE,” NYC-based producer, performer, and visionary OMM is back with new music and the next step of his creative evolution. “NO MORE” is out now, accompanied by an official music performance video featuring full choreography and dance, showcasing his unique blend of artistic and performance capabilities.

“NO MORE” is the first of OMM’s productions to showcase himself doing what he considers his first love as an artist: dance. Emboldened by the memory of his late brother and their mutual goal to build something beautiful and unique, OMM channels his energy and passion into creating a product that stands out with quality, ingenuity, and entertainment value.

OMM has performed across the country on some of the most prestigious stages in the world, including American and Indian national television countless times, most notably Fox 5’s Season 11 Finale of So You Think You Can Dance. His vision and passion are fueled by his older brother Arvin, who taught him how to dance, live, and love, serving as a mentor while performing together on-stage numerous times throughout their careers.

At the tragic young age of 21, Arvin passed away. This caused OMM to take a sudden and necessary break from dancing to channel his inner energy, pain, and experiences into creating his own music and finding his place as an artist. We spoke with OMM to discuss the inspiration for “NO MORE,” the blending of music and dance, and communicating his vision.

Hey OMM, thanks for taking the time for this interview, and congratulations on the music video for “NO MORE.” In your own words, how would you introduce/describe OMM to our readership?

OMM: “Thank you! Excited for this opportunity. OMM is the culmination of years spent finding my purpose, refining my skills, and finding my place in the universe. It’s a creative outlet, a place for me to share what’s ‘On My Mind,’ and a tribute to my late brother, who was my best friend and mentor.”

The visual for “NO MORE” is so much more than meets the eye. Can you share details on the inspiration behind it?

“‘NO MORE’ showcases my life story as an artist. From being a dancer/choreographer originally to experiencing something extremely tragic, then ultimately finding solace in the creative process behind the music that moved me from day one. You’ll find several discrete, hidden messages and symbols that resonate with my story and with my sound throughout the visual.

“For example, the red cardinal represents my late brother Arvin. After his passing, this red cardinal would always show up in times of turmoil and uncertainty, pain and soul-searching. It became a symbol of strength and perseverance for my family and me. To this day, we always catch the Cardinal watching over us. You’ll notice the shadow figure at the end as well, also paying homage to my brother’s influence on my vision and art. We came from an extensive dance background, and I wanted viewers to understand how and why OMM came to be today. Without him, there would be no me.”

OMM “No More” single artwork

As a multi-talented artist, how do you balance the creative process behind making the music and performing (dancing)?

“At the end of the day, as with anything in life, if you want it bad enough, you have to make the time. Producers and artists today have way more responsibilities on their plate than ever before. Simultaneously, they’re equipped with more tools and reach than ever before. Time management is a skill in itself that must be mastered. When hardships creep in, I try to ask myself, ‘How hard are you willing to go for your vision?’”

Several aspects of the actual video blew us away; the cardinal, the throwback clips of you learning/honing your dancing skills, and the pure emotion portrayed by the dancers. This level of intricacy is very rare in newer artists. How did you capture such profound emotion and creativity so early in your career?

“Creating, entertaining, and performing are all things I have been doing since a young age. While the project is relatively new, OMM is a culmination of years of indirect artist development and perseverance. Dance and music production go hand in hand. Understanding the intricacies of movement enabled me to translate that knowledge into crafting music that flows seamlessly with the flow of rhythm and dance.

“After he passed, dancing without my main partner was extremely tough. I then threw all of my energy into music production instead. Now, the two are intertwined and balance each other. The universe is in control of this journey, and I’m simply a vessel communicating the frequencies and energies I feel.”

Is this something we can expect in a live format moving forward? The fusion of music and dance?

“That’s the goal. To breathe life into a new era of dance music and artist performance. Being able to produce and dance/choreograph at a high level is not something the world has ever seen. We hope to set the precedent.”

You’ve clearly been on a significant journey as a person and an artist. If you could give your young self one piece of advice, what would you say?

“Whatever your initial gut reaction is, there is probably significant truth in that reaction. Trust yourself.”

Who do you consider to be your role models?

“My older brother. The scale at which he impacted our community and our family in the short 21 years he was on this earth will be discussed and respected for generations to come.”

What do you see as your biggest challenge as an artist moving forward?

“The never-ending content creation machine. I understand artists need to do certain things to properly promote their music, but at what point does it all seem regurgitated and unauthentic? I want to be myself. And I want to be true to myself. And while I respect the process, I don’t want to lose who I am and what I am while trying to achieve my goals.”

In an industry oversaturated with copycats, ripe with imitation, what sets you apart? 

“Commitment to quality, storytelling, and the combination of being able to dance/perform to my own compositions. Originality above all else.”

What can your fans expect from the OMM project moving forward? Shows? Touring? More music?

“All three. Getting a special show planned that will truly showcase the OMM vision live to bring the full Dance x Music experience to the masses. Tons more music and plenty more shows to be announced. We are only getting started.”

OMM bts, photo courtesy of MGMT


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