Aryan Jolly’s Captivating UK Garage Pop Single “Slowly”



Aryan Jolly, the talented garage-pop artist, captivates music enthusiasts with his latest single “Slowly.” The track, born out of a serendipitous encounter with a guitar sample, delivers an emotional and engaging experience for listeners. The inspiration for “Slowly” struck Aryan Jolly when he stumbled upon a captivating guitar sample that sparked creativity. He recalls,

“It just clicked, you know? I laid down the top line, and it hit me – let’s make a song about loving someone you can’t have because they’re with someone else.”

Collaborating with his friend Bryan, the duo penned lyrics that perfectly complemented the melodies, resulting in a powerful narrative that resonates with many.

This upcoming single, the second track from Aryan Jolly’s highly anticipated album ‘Jolly Good Vol.1’, is infused with UK Garage drums and a pop vibe, showcasing the artist’s versatility and innovative approach to music production. Comparable to the works of artists like Jung Kook and Zayn Malik, and songs such as “Seven” and “Love Like This,” Aryan Jolly’s latest release promises to carve its niche in the UK garage and pop genres.

In anticipation of the single’s release, Aryan Jolly shared some insights into his creative process. “A song is never finished; you decide when it’s ready for the world to hear,” he remarks, highlighting the dedication and meticulous attention to detail that goes into his craft. The artist also emphasized the importance of self-belief and personal satisfaction in the creative process, stating, “The most important question you gotta ask yourself is whether you like the song or not? And if you like it, then none of the other opinions matter. Release it.

Reflecting on the complexity of simplicity in music, Aryan Jolly shared valuable advice for aspiring artists, stating, “A lot of artists say that ‘simplicity is the key’ or ‘keep it simple.’ It is true, but to reach that level of simplicity is the hardest thing. So you gotta find your set of skills and abilities in production and keep it consistent throughout your journey. The more you do it, the better and simpler it gets.” ‘Jolly Good Vol.1’ promises to be a musical journey that showcases the artist’s talent and innovation within the UK garage and pop landscapes.

Hailing from the exotic Islands of Andaman, Aryan Jolly is a rising producer and musician who seamlessly blends the commercial sound of pop with a diverse array of traditional and electronic influences. His unique style, which he and other emerging producers have dubbed “Future Pop,” has quickly earned him recognition among his peers. At only 20 years of age, Jolly has already demonstrated his production skills across a variety of genres, including Lo-Fi, House, Melodic Dubstep, ChillWave, and Hyperpop. He has released music on a variety of respected labels, such as Speak Less Listen More, Glow Records, Milkshake, and Music That Moves.


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