Speed – “Gang Called Speed” (Flatspot Records) [Film Review]

Aussie hardcore mob Speed head back out on the road, this time documenting their European run in ‘Gang Called Speed.’



The last time we chatted about Hardcore Aussies, Speed, they were touring America, fuelled by the sheer joy of the place. Just when you think they couldn’t be happier, we find them on European soil and loving every minute.

Gang Called Speed is the follow-up mini-doc to North American Hardcore (read our review of that here) that catches the band on their UK/European tour, starting at the not-so-exotic New Cross Inn in London. Jem introduces the film from outside the venue, and he can’t believe he’s here – In London!

The crowd is as crazy as any U.S. audience, and the band is lapping it up. Gothenburg is even more manic, with the crowd throwing punches around that could certainly break a jaw or two. The scenes there are incredible with members of Outstand and Moral Panic joining in; a real party to remember. The gratitude of the band to Gothenburg’s full on hardcore scene can be witnessed in Jem’s heartfelt speech to the crowd at the end of the gig.

Copenhagen’s Copenhell festival looks like a blast, too; with a set that incorporates some breakdancing, who said their music wasn’t diverse? The huge crowd sees the band in their absolute element.

Paris is interesting in that we get the impression that speed metal is still just on the rise. Interviews with various artists at the Glazart festival are overwhelmed that they are being given a chance to be heard. It’s refreshing to hear an interview with Zulu, also playing on the bill, a black L.A.-based outfit that proves the genre isn’t just for white kids. Their performance is electric, too.

The band spends some extended time in Germany, taking in Wiesbaden, Berlin, Hamburg and Munster before finishing their European leg in Ysselstein in the Netherlands.

Reflecting on their tour on the ferry back to the UK, it is clear that it has been an absolute triumph and the band seems eternally grateful for the opportunities they have been given away from their homeland to spread their music and positive vibes.

A final gig at Depot in Manchester for the Outbreak Festival sees some crazy stage invasion dancing in a vast indoor space, providing yet another different style venue for the group.

Speed are a loveable bunch who appear to make the most of their international adventures and bring the most chilled vibes to everyone they meet. We look forward to the next stop on their bid to take over the World.

Also, check out their East Asia tour film on YouTube here.

Director: Jack Rudder
Producer: Jack Rudder
Starring: Speed
Distributed by: Flatspot Records
Release Date: October 11th, 2023
Run Time: 18 minutes


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