Caleb Hearn Premieres His Reflective New “1200 sq ft” Music Video

Today Caleb Hearn unveils both his new Nettwerk Music Group release, ‘1200 sq ft.,’ as well as the title track’s reflective music video. Enjoy!



Most of the time, childhood is fraught with mixed emotions and a lot of the good and the bad, on which Caleb Hearn reflects closely in his new single “1200 sq ft.” The experiences within one’s youth make for valuable songwriting ideas, and the singer-songwriter has really tapped into those memories throughout his new EP, also titled 1200 sq ft, which sees its official release today via Nettwerk Music Group.

For the accompanying music video to “1200 sq ft,” Hearn wanted something truly unique and special. A perfect blend of indie pop and classic folk, the lyrics focus on a critical part of Hearn’s childhood, as he looks back on the home he was raised in and the special memories that he holds from that time, prior to his parents separating. Songwriter and producer Marc Scibilia (Quinn XCII, Lennon Stella) worked closely on this song with Hearn, and in writing the song, they formed a special friendship.

Discussing the aims and goals of the video, Hearn shares with us:

“We had a very specific vision for the ‘1200 sq ft’ music video. Since the song is completely based on my childhood home, it had to be perfect. It was difficult getting all the pieces together, but thanks to our amazing director Maya Sassoon, it worked out flawlessly. We found the perfect little house in the mountains of California. It had so much character and the layout was so like my childhood home in North Carolina. We found an actor last minute to play the younger me and he couldn’t have done it better. The raw emotion he was able to show really brought out the meaning in the song.

“One of my favourite parts of the video is the scene where the movers are coming in to take all the boxes and younger me is sitting in the middle watching it all go down. From the colouring to the camera angles, it really captures the love and heartbreak that house had on me. I couldn’t be prouder of a video.”

At merely 22 years of age, Hearn is really beginning to emerge within the Gen-Z music scene, thanks to his thoughtful lyrics, impressive vocal abilities, and odes back to the real heyday of folk music. On 1200 sq ft, he uses each track as a storytelling opportunity, something personal that he has experienced and really reflected on. He really feels like these songs truly represent him as a young artist and an individual, and the experiences that have influenced them have played a great role in affecting how he navigates his own relationships and the way he treats others.

On the whole, 1200 sq ft is a very organic-sounding record. It features what you may refer to as “real” instruments, with guitar, piano, and drums making up the body of each track. With an acoustic guitar driving every song, it felt genuine to Hearn, within the context of the stories he is telling. With his honest, down-to-earth, confessional style, you can’t help but gravitate toward Hearn and the great maturity he shows for someone of his age.

Caleb Hearn ‘1200 sq ft’ EP album artwork

1200 Sq Ft EP Track Listing:

1. 1200 sq feet
2. 1 day you will
3. 1/2 as good as her
4. 1000 reasons

Tour Dates: (w/ Ron Pope & Lydia Luce)

06/02- Atlanta, GA @ Variety Playhouse
06/03 – Nashville, TN @ The CMA Theater


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