Kali Horse Premiere Their Free-Spirited “Wigs” Music Video

Like a blast from the distant past, when music meant pretty much everything, Kali Horse (Desiree Das Gupta and Sam Maloney) have arrived with their latest music video for “Wigs.”



Like a blast from the distant past when music meant pretty much everything, Kali Horse have arrived with their latest music video for “Wigs.” The clip is simple but effective and emphasizes the song’s art and power as you observe Desiree Das Gupta and Sam Maloney rocking the (insert expletive here) out.

As the song title suggests, “Wigs” is about “trying things on” and “seeing how they fit,” like your identity, your level of bravado, and your self-confidence. Through this trial and error and self-experimentation, you find out a lot about yourself, and you figure out what or who you want to be. It’s all presented in very much a ’60s kind of style when it comes to sound, fashion, and free-spiritedness.

Regarding the video, the duo state:

“Kali Horse’s insides are being shoved into the spotlight in their new single ‘Wigs.’ While their previous single ‘In The Water’ indulges in fantasy, the follow-up highlights the live energy of the band. The flash and bravado of the well-lit duo giving you a piece of their mind is absolutely the cockiest thing they could do, which is why they did it. The daydreams of psychedelia were once a safe haven, but the reality of flaws and courage are something we are all faced with at some point.

“Shot entirely to 16 mm film by Adam Stewart, then digitally edited by Bill Cutbill, the band continues their mixed medium style showing their ‘wigs.’ Go ahead, try it on.”

Friends for over a decade and bandmates for over seven years, Das Gupta and Maloney exude more and more confidence with every passing song. Theatrical and dreamy, there is a healthy dose of psychedelia within how they play and write, and they are highly regarded within the local Toronto scene in which they came up. When their debut album is soon issued, expect to hear some of their closest local music associates on the record, including Luna Li, who will play all of the strings, violin, and harp, and Dylan Gamble of Hot Garbage on stand-up bass.

Das Gupta and Maloney think of themselves more as storytellers than musicians making any music with a specific sound. They view music as a forum for immersion and free expression, where attitude and genuineness are valued over any particular musical goal. Friendship is the ammunition for this creative endeavour, and it will continue moving them forward as they begin to attract attention outside the confines of their local scene.

Tour Dates:

03/10 – Pianos, New York, NY

Artwork for the single “Wigs” by Kali Horse


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