Hundred Reasons (w/ Hell Is For Heroes, My Vitriol) Hammer Eventim Apollo [Show Review]

Hundred Reasons, Hell Is For Heroes and My Vitriol put on one hell of a rockin’ and nostalgia-filled show at London’s Eventim Apollo.



Tonight’s lineup can quite simply be described as a renaissance of early ’00s British rock (not to be confused with the Brit rock movement of the ’90s). All the bands on billing I have not really thought about much for up to 15 years or so despite them all being active in some capacity. This, in itself, makes tonight feel that much more special, sparking memories of a simpler time.

I’ll confess, though, aside from the headline act, Hundred Reasons; I have never really followed Hell Is For Heroes or My Vitriol. There is no justifiable reason for this; I never considered them bad. In fact, the select songs I have heard in the past from each have been great; it simply came down to the age-old conundrum, there is just too much music in the world to fully appreciate it all. This, coupled with the fact that this was an age that pre-dated the likes of music streaming services.

First to the stage was My Vitriol, a band that sadly never really broke through to reach the level of success they really deserved. Their brand of psychedelic indie rock created a mellow atmosphere in the venue that had the power to create a trance-like state for all who made it in to catch them. They played a great set from their small but mighty back catalogue, and it was clear from start to finish their true home was the stage.

Next on the bill was Hell Is For Heroes. Now, this group I don’t have a reason for not following; everything about them permitted the very essence of what I liked in music. A post-hardcore band that perfectly captured the spirit of the genre. Furthermore, guitarist Will McGonagle and drummer Joe Birch (who founded Hell Is For Heroes) were former members of Symposium, a band I followed religiously and had the pleasure of seeing in November 2022 for a one-off reunion show.

A lovely moment was when vocalist Justin Schlosberg brought out his three children to sing along to “Stranger in You” to the audience’s adoration. This was quickly followed by the band’s most popular and well-known tune, “I Climb Mountains.” Of course, and very understandably, every attendee at the show lost their proverbial shit and caused the venue to shake its foundations.

Although I knew barely any of their tunes, this was one of the most energetic performances I have seen in a long time. Schlosberg made full use of the stage, swinging his mic, jumping off, and even performing a handstand on the bass drum and, at the tail end of their blistering set, took a mighty dive into the crowd whereby he was raised up whilst belting out the lyrics to “Five Kids Go.”

The main event of the evening, Hundred Reasons, was married with anticipation. It was a show twenty-plus years in the making for me, and whilst I will acknowledge my interest in them minimized over the years with two albums being released without my knowledge as well as tours taking place I overlooked, there was an excitement building akin to the first gig I ever attended.

The stage darkened, signalling the show was about to start. An orchestral score and deep bass rumble filled the venue, and the logo of the group’s latest record glowed on the tapestry at the back of the stage like a halo. One by one, each member took to the stage each time the cheers got louder. The stage was lit in a warm glow highlighting the minimal nature of the setup then, strobe lighting visually accompanied the hypnotic intro of “Glorious Sunset,” the lead track from the band’s latest record. This was followed by a big fan favourite, “What you Get,” from the band’s early days that endured the audience to sing along with glee and by the time the third track of the evening, “Answers,” began, even the seated area was up and dancing.

The set was a full mix of nostalgia throughout, with hits a plenty with the likes of “I’ll Find You,” “Silver,” and closing out the show with “If I Could.” The lighting, as mentioned, emphasized the minimalistic stage setup but also synced seamlessly with every note played, creating the illusion of seeing the music like some sort of hallucinogenic trip.

I am not sure if I am still experiencing the buzz of the return of live music, but it feels like every show I attend delivers a soul-inducing experience that elevates my very being and tonight’s show contributed to this spiritual feeling!

My Vitriol Setlist:

1. Losing Touch
2. The Gentle Art of Choking
3. Kohlstream
4. Cemented Shoes
5. Grounded
6. It’s So Damn Easy
7. Infantile
8. Ode to the Red Queen
9. Moodswings
10. Under the Wheels
11. Alpha Waves
12. Always: Your Way

Hell is for Hero’s Setlist:

1. Folded Paper Figures
2. Out of Sight
3. Stranger to You
4. I Should Never Have Been Here in the First Place
5. I Can Climb Mountains
6. To Die For
7. You Drove Me to It
8. Together In Pieces
9. Five Kids Go
10. Night Vision
11. Slow Song

Hundred Reasons Setlist:

1. Glorious Sunset
2. What You Get
3. Answers
4. Stories With Unhappy Endings
5. The Perfect Gift
6. I’ll Find You
7. Remmus
8. It Suits You
9. Silver
10. The Mess
11. Makeshift
12. The Old School Way
13. No Pretending
14. Falter
15. Oratorio
16. Kill Your Own
17. Replicate
18. No Way Back
19. If I Could


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