Hematite Choose Which of Their Songs Would Work Best in Which Films

Davey Muise and Andrew Gaultier have formed the new project Hematite. Today, they tell us which of their dark country-rock tunes would pair best with which films.



Well, “speak of the devil,” Hematite just dropped their brand new EP on March 3rd. The duo have concocted something mighty special with the five-song release, Speak of the Devil. Featuring singer Davey Muise (Vanna, Trove) and guitarist and singer Andrew Gaultier (Big 50, To Speak of Wolves, He Is Legend), the two teamed up for this musical adventure, unlike anything they had ever doled out before. Mixing up classic country music and a Western appeal with metal, this is like a dark country record with gothic twists intertwined. It leans very heavily on the experimental side of things and has been extremely musically liberating for the pair since it differs so much from their musical pasts.

Some have described Hematite’s unique vibe as if Tom Waits took a road trip with Trent Reznor, and Johnny Cash was along for the ride. Muise and Gaultier have plans to take the project on the road soon, and you can expect another EP coming along shortly.

Joining us today for a very special feature are both Muise and Gaultier themselves. With film being such a significant influence on their music, each has paired five films with five Hematite songs they feel belong in that movie. Read on to find out more about this interesting thought experiment.

1. The Way of the Gun: “Switchblade Serenade”

Davey Muise: “One of my favourite movies of all time is The Way of the Gun. Ryan Phillippe, god damn Benicio del Toro, Taye Digs dude?! It’s an outlaw, stick ‘em up, kidnaping heisty flick that’s still playful and funny, light, but dirty. They shot it in Utah, so it’s got a real desolate Western vibe to it too. The opening scene is one of my favourites ever, and I imagine ‘Switchblade Serenade’ playing right after the fight scene or even before it. Really set the tone for this wild ride.”

2. No Country for Old Men: “Big Bad Wolf”

Muise: “First of all, when I think about the ‘Big Bag Wolf,’ I think of a few dudes that fit that bill, but one movie has a grip of these men in it. Multiple sides to a handsomely dangerous coin. Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem, Tommy Lee freaking Jones, and Woody Harrelson in No Country For Old Men. Easily a top-three movie, directed by the Coen brothers, just a chef’s kiss of badass art. I think I’d just want ‘Big Bad Wolf’ to play at the credits because that movie is perfect.”

Artwork for the EP ‘Speak of the Devil’ by Hematite

3. Lost Boys: “Run Devil Run”

Muise: “Bunch of undead leather and denim wearing motorbike vamp devil dudes causing havoc on a beach town? Sign me up! I really feel like ‘Run Devil Run’ is an anthem for the bad boys on the run everywhere, especially the undead ones. David was obviously my favourite character when I was a kid, and this band might be as close to a leather-clad vampire as I’m gonna get.”

4. True Romance: “Go West”

Muise: “This is my ride or die; true love conquers the darkness; let’s get the hell out of here, track of the record cause literally what it’s about. Caution to the wind, dangerous love, and what better movie to be in than True Romance? Everyone in that movie is outrageously out of their minds, and that’s what love is. Being bat shit crazy together. Clarence and Alabama forever! I mean, the cast, the aesthetic, everything about that movie is iconic, and I think ‘Go West’ feels like a relatable yet iconic love song from a sad heart.”

5. From Dusk Till Dawn: “Adios”

Muise: “This is one Andrew, and I will absolutely have overlap on. From Dusk Till Dawn was the movie that played in my head while we were making this record. The whole feel of that movie is immaculate, and everything I envision this band would thrive on. Like when you walk through the doors of The Titty Twister, you take inventory of the bikers, truckers, and outlaws as you try to belly up to the bar.

“Once you’re settled in with a beer and tequila shot, you realize the house band playing tunes rips. That band you’re hearing… that should’ve been Hematite. I know it’s impossible for so many reasons for that to be a thing, but still. The second Salma Hayek got on that stage, we would kick it into ‘Adios’ and got her and that snake moving. Like I’m actually mad that ‘Adios’ isn’t the song that plays in that scene, and we aren’t the house band.”

6. Nope: “Run Devil Run”

Andrew Gaultier: “This was one of my favorite movies of 2022. The twist/new outlook on aliens was so refreshing. The chase scenes between the alien and OJ would have been a per-fect placement for Run Devil Run.”

Davey Muise

7. John Carpenter’s Vampires: “Big Bad Wolf”

Gaultier: “The Western-style take on the vampire genre was super rad with this one. Our song ‘Big Bad Wolf’ gives me the vibe of walking in the desert at nighttime with an evil aura surrounding it. I feel like it would have been a great tune for this movie.”

8. Mandy: “Go West”

Gaultier: Mandy is a standout movie for me when it comes to recent stuff. It’s such a dark, somber love story. I feel like the sad/hopeless vibe around ‘Go West’ would have fit the first half of that movie so well.”

9. From Dusk Till Dawn: “Adios”

Gaultier: “This one speaks for itself. That desert at nighttime vibe really would match ‘Adios.’”

10. Terrifier 2: “Switchblade Serenade”

Gaultier: “This movie was wild. From the name of the song to the circus-esque intro, I would have loved for ‘Switchblade Serenade’ to have been a part of the madness.”


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