Dig Into Lost on the Metro’s EP Premiere for ‘Buried Bones’

Today, Lost on the Metro emerges with the premiere of their new album ‘Buried Bones,’ dealing with themes of optimism, depression, disillusionment, love, death, and aging.



To be a well-oiled rock n’ roll machine with very little practice is no easy feat, but it speaks to the vast abilities of Lost on the Metro. Today, the group emerges with the premiere of their new album Buried Bones, not exactly an easy album to record and finetune, thanks to the realities of pandemic-related lockdowns.

After much work and delay, the record is here, six new songs of passion and enthusiasm. The songs deal with themes of optimism, depression, disillusionment, love, death, and aging, and each is tied to a specific place, whether it be a quiet farm in Michigan, the Marianas trench, or a historical indigenous site.

In her own words, lead singer Jilly Morey describes the album as follows:

“I think the theme of our latest EP, Buried Bones, probably centers on various forms of loss, and how it feels to carry that around in our personal or collective memories. Our songs tend to be stories, a quickly painted image and a moment captured in time. Writing and performing songs like these is cathartic for me. I hope listening to them feels that way too.”

The reason for the lack of live practice for Lost on the Metro is due to, what else but the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021. The band formed in the early days of the first lockdown, not exactly an ideal time, but they weathered that storm, convening outdoors and masked as much as possible to play and practice together. It didn’t take long before locals began gathering to watch the band play, and it translated into a growing local audience. A lot of St. Louis’ music scene is dominated by cover bands but Lost on the Metro’s combination of alternative, country, and blues piqued the interest of music fans regionally, and the audiences are starting to grow.

After a trying period where there was no certainty on where this project was going, the members can rest at least somewhat assured that their EP has arrived and their audience is expanding.

Buried Bones Track Listing:

1. Ramey Road
2. Paint These Lines
3. Breadalbane
4. Provenance
5. Mariana
6. Lesser

Artwork for the EP ‘Buried Bones’ by Lost on the Metro


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