UnCovered: Chloé Caroline Discusses the Heartfelt Artwork for Her Single “TWINFLAMES”

Chloé Caroline joins us for an UnCovered interview to discusses the artwork for her new “TWINFLAMES” single, how it was designed, who she worked with, and how the song and the artwork are linked.



Ambitious artists naturally aim high when it comes to their creations, which explains Chloé Caroline’s plans for this year. She has kicked it off with the release of her new single “TWINFLAMES” last month, which will soon be followed by her upcoming EP The Awakening Part 1. After that, you can expect another new EP, and then after that, a full-length album, all within the calendar year of 2023.

It’s all a culmination of a special time in the evolution of Caroline as an artist. A day does not pass when she is not thinking creatively, and the many pandemic-related lockdowns afforded her a lot of creative freedom for her to write and get into the zone, so to speak. All of these songs were created during this period, and they all share similar themes that Caroline sees as embodying a spiritual journey for herself as an artist. Recurring themes throughout these projects include self-discovery, love, heartbreak, healing, risk, and reward. This period was beneficial to her in so many ways, as it opened her mind to the power of letting go, and letting her heart lead her to new places. That spiritual journey will all unfold over the course of these releases, and listeners will have the opportunity to interpret them in their own unique way.

As any true artist does, they give equal attention to each component of their creation. For our latest edition of UnCovered, Caroline discusses the artwork for her new “TWINFLAMES” single, how it was designed, who she worked with, and how the song and the artwork are linked together.

What’s the story behind the song and the artwork? Is there a particular theme or narrative being displayed on which you can elaborate?

Chloé Caroline: “The songs written on my EP were created during a spiritual awakening as I was really learning to surrender to the unknown, to heal and really come home to myself. But in this journey, I also ended up falling into the purest love and partnership I’ve ever experienced with my twinflame, a well-known term in the spiritual world. A twinflame is defined as one soul split between two bodies. It’s an intense connection like no other and requires an incredible amount of inner work where both people are urged to become the best versions of themselves, lead with their hearts and eventually unite.

“My twinflame is actually in the photo with me and I loved that we were sitting this way that almost conjoins us as one. From a literal standpoint, I loved that we were sitting on the road as it’s been a hell of a trip to get here and we finally ended up meeting in the middle at the right time.

“My single ‘TWINFLAMES’ celebrates that balance and healthy connection that is out there for each of us when we focus on simply aligning with that energy–love (and joy). Unfortunately, we live in a world that often highlights toxic behaviour instead and my goal is to encourage others to not give up, to believe in the best. The moon theme throughout this and my last few single covers is symbolic of the spiritual ethos of my project, but also the mysterious forces at work around us that align us on our paths.”

Who created the artwork? How did you link up with the artist?

“I designed the single cover, but the photo was taken by one of my best friends Annelise Loughead who is an incredible photographer. It was actually taken just for fun on the street outside my parents’ house while she was in town from Nashville visiting me in LA. She also shot the covers for my two prior singles, ‘GEMINI’ and ‘Saving Space’ during a shoot we did in Joshua Tree on a full moon when she visited in 2021.”

Please tell us more about the medium(s) used when creating the art. We’d love to know how the artwork was created.

“I used a couple different editing apps like Canva, Snapseed, and Tezza when creating the cover, originally it didn’t have the moon! I wanted the image to coincide with the other covers leading up to EP and decided I’d take the moon from one of their photos and superimpose it onto the cover. I didn’t want to do anything else too crazy, as I already liked the original image so I pretty much just added a film effect and that’s it. I’m an old soul so anything I can do to have a vintage feel.

“I really avoid using standard fonts and I wanted something to match the orange glow of a flame, but also match the orange of the timestamp on the photo, so I thought some sort of hand-drawn neon glow would be interesting. I immediately thought of the Instagram story drawing tool and unashamedly used that to make the title text!

“Fun fact: the date written on the cover is actually the day we met and had our first date at a coffee shop.”

Artwork for the single “TWINFLAMES” by Chloé Caroline

Where would you be most excited to see this artwork postered, or displayed?

“Currently, on a Spotify editorial billboard like New Music Friday.”

If you could picture this single release in the hands of someone you would be amazed to see holding it, who do you picture?

Stevie Nicks or Harry Styles.”

What are your thoughts and/or the pros and cons of digital art versus non-digital?

“I was under a time crunch for this single and it was pretty amazing to be able to affordably and quickly get creative using some apps accessible to anyone, especially as an independent artist. However, I love combining both. There’s something super cool about hand drawing or creating a paper mache single cover and photographing it then using digital text. Creates something fresh. But nothing beats the real tangible rawness that comes from non-digital.”

What’s your favourite thing about this single cover?

“The fact that it’s candid and a real depiction of me and my favourite human.”

What are some of your favourite covers of all time?

Rumors by Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles Abbey Road, Tapestry by Carole King, Fine Line by Harry Styles, Lover by Taylor Swift, and honestly Miley Cyrus’ new album cover is pretty epic.”

When people look at this single cover artwork, what do you want them to see/think?

“I hope it makes them curious if they’ve never listened. Once they do, I hope they see real love and can envision themselves and their partner or future partner, in that case, I hope they see hope.”

With the increasing popularity of digital music, most fans view artwork as just pixels on a screen. Why did you feel the artwork was important?

“As an artist, yes, I make music, but music isn’t limited by sound, it can be felt and it can be seen so I think it is another medium to take your message out to the world, to truly paint that full picture of who you are and what you have to say.”


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