Leah James Premieres Her Wondrous Version of “Auld Lang Syne”

Bid adieu to another year gone by and usher in a new one full of hope, optimism, and confidence with singer-songwriter Leah James’ take on “Auld Lang Syne” off of her first holiday EP ‘December.’



Out with the old, in with the new. It’s the time of year to bid adieu to another year gone by and usher in a new one full of hope, optimism, and confidence. What better way to welcome new beginnings than with singer-songwriter Leah James’ take on “Auld Lang Syne?” Off of her first holiday EP, December, which comes out today, James offers a brilliant, breathtaking, emotional interpretation of the celebrated song that many of us will be reciting ourselves on New Year’s Eve as the clock approaches midnight.

The history of “Auld Lang Syne” extends back to Scotland over 200 years ago, and it has also become a popular song to be sung at funerals, graduations, and other farewells. The fact that James could interpret such a historical song in her own unique way is a testament to her talents and originality.

Offering a comment on her adaptation of the song, James tells us:

“The beauty behind the lyric of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ has always been a deeply moving and meaningful one to me. It invites us to look ahead into the future with hope as well as reminding us to remember our past with gratitude and appreciation. The chance to record such an iconic song has been a great joy for me.”

The release of December is a welcome return for James, and it acts as a proper follow-up to her 2018 solo debut While She Sleeps. Featuring four songs in total, December is cinematic, eloquent, and inspiring. These are James’ own interpretations of four of the biggest classics from the Great American Songbook; all meant to show a different side to these songs in ways you have never heard before.

Leah is the daughter of Eagles guitarist Don Felder, who has acted as her musical mentor in life. The biggest musical lesson she learned from her father was that the only thing that really matters is how the music makes you feel. She has confidently applied that to the December EP with songs that will make you feel happy, thankful, and delighted.

Artwork for the EP ‘December’ by Leah James


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