Fight The Fade Premiere Their Electric New “(Not) Enough” Music Video

We debut the music video for Fight The Fade’s new single “(Not) Enough,” a gloomy yet aggressive clip that may remind you of the bolder Y2K era hard rock and alternative.



Fears and emotions can counteract in the worst of ways at times. At certain points, you’re bound to encounter situations where you wonder if your best will be enough. In fact, it can control you and even eat you up, the prime consideration of Fight The Fade and their new single “(Not) Enough.” Today, we debut the song’s official music video, a gloomy yet aggressive clip that may remind you of the bolder Y2K era hard rock and alternative.

Musically, the vocals are contentious, yet the lyrics are thought-provoking, with shredding guitars illustrating the heaviness of which Fight The Fade is capable. Sometimes you just feel like a fraud, and this song acknowledges those darker, intensely personal moments where we question and even lose faith in ourselves. This is a full-on, no holds barred confession of how you truly feel in those darker moments when you feel nothing good about yourself.

Offering his thoughts on the new single, lead singer Zene Smith says:

“‘(Not) Enough’ is a song we are so excited to release to the world. I wrote the lyrics after having my son, and how beautiful and perfect he seemed to be. I had this time of doubting if I was even capable of the love he was going to need. Ultimately, it’s a song wrestling with our own doubts and shortcomings, and I think it’s ok to not be ok sometimes.”

“(Not) Enough” lives on Fight The Fade’s latest record APOPHYSITIS, which will see its official release tomorrow! It’s a heavy-loaded album featuring 14 pristine tracks with emotion and thriving guitar riffs that are ideal for any fan of loud, bombastic rock music. It’s intense but radio-friendly and leans towards the band’s heavier side. APOPHYSITIS is a product of the stages of life that the members of the band are at at this point in time. All still quite young, each of them is growing in their own way, and it’s very noticeable on this latest album.

With it being such a time of growth for the quintet, it made the making of this album quite a memorable experience. Growth is not just a cakewalk though; it can be hard, painful, and require a lot of hard work. Even if it hurts, growth is the key to progress, and it’s one of the primary messages that Fight The Fade want to nail down with their new songs. Even if it’s hard, you have to continue to progress, continue to learn, and continue to move forward as an individual. It’s what Fight The Fade is going to continue to do as they strive towards their goals, all while their resolve to succeed grows higher.

Artwork for the album ‘Apophysitis’ by Fight The Fade


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