Giraffe Aftermath Reflects on Life with Their New Single “Trying to Change” [Premiere]

A down-to-earth, honest reflection on life and living, “Trying to Change” marks the duo Giraffe Aftermath’s first new music in seven years.



Better late than never, right? They’ve been away for too long, but fortunately, the hiatus is over for Giraffe Aftermath, as the duo makes their long-awaited return with the release of their new single “Trying to Change.”

A down-to-earth, honest reflection on life and living, “Trying to Change” marks the duo’s first new music in seven years. Combining soothing melodies and unabashed authenticity, the song is an admission of our faults and shortcomings, while at the same time an effort to make a commitment to adapting and moving forward as a better person. Physical and psychological isolation has become all too conventional and familiar over the last couple of years which has prompted a lot of self-reflection in everyone, which makes this a song with a certain universal appeal.

Commenting on the song, Luke Deville told us,

“I was seeing the effects of my negative thinking and bummer attitude weighing heavy on those around me. It was time to make some sort of change to break out of the rut and routine of sitting around and doing nothing. Get out and live more instead of sitting around and feeling so lame!”

Joining Deville in Giraffe Aftermath is longtime friend and collaborator Steve Hack. Their sound runs the spectrum of popular music, driven by reggae and rock, but also incorporating aspects of dub and hip-hop. Although they were absent from the scene for quite a while, both Hack and Deville remained busy, working on other artistic endeavours, as well as some musical side projects. Deville worked closely with fellow Vancouver musician Matt Storm, and also went on tour with a number of different artists.

Both Deville and Hack also quit drinking and began to live healthier lifestyles, with better diets, exercise, and more positive outlooks on the future. If “Trying to Change” is any evidence, it’s worked wonders for the pair’s musical creativity and chemistry.

Artwork for the single “Trying to Change” by Giraffe Aftermath


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