Buffalo Rose Discuss Touring as a Six-Member Indie Folk Band and Bucket List Cities

Destined to be your next obsession, we connected with indie folk sextet Buffalo Rose about their current U.S. tour, bucket list cities, and what it’s like travelling with a six-member band.



Buffalo Rose is destined to be your next obsession. From their golden harmonies to their on-stage charisma, this folk band hits every mark for any strings lover. Their latest single, “I Can See Clearly Now,” is a gorgeous, harmonious rendition of the classic Johnny Nash tune. The group recently chatted with us about their current U.S. tour, bucket list cities, and what it’s like travelling with a six-member band.

Congrats on getting back to live music! What has the band been up to while not performing over the last year or so?

“We have been busy! We worked really hard to still be able to meet up and play music with each other during the lockdown (though we did go through periods without each other). In the past year, we recorded and mixed our full-length record which will be coming out next year, launched our Patreon subscription service, and played a ton of livestreams.”

What cities have you visited on the current tour? Are you planning on adding any more dates?

“So far, we have been to Asheville, North Carolina, Atlanta, Chicago, Thomas, West Virginia, Bristol, Connecticut, Lorain, Ohio, and Westport Connecticut! We’ve got a lot of cool shows in the works, and are planning some returns to these cities as well. Keep an eye out and follow us to stay updated!”

What’s your favourite city in the U.S. to tour in and why?

“It might be different for each member, but I would say Chicago. It’s been one of our homes away from home, in a way. (Singer) Lucy (Clabby) is from there and has a huge community there still, and it is one of my favorite cities in the U.S. We had the opportunity to play on the Navy Pier, right on the lake a few years ago, which was really magical.”

Has the band ever toured outside of the U.S.? We’d love to hear your stories about international travel! If not, what are your top five countries to visit and why?

“Not yet! But we would love to. Top five countries is TOUGH but here we go: Chile, see the Andes, and experience the homeland of Pablo Neruda, Violetta Para, Victor Jarra, some of my heroes and huge inspirations. Japan, have always dreamed of traveling here. It has everything. Oceans, mountains, a sprawling metropolis, incredible food, and culture. Egypt; always one of the coolest parts of history class was learning about Ancient Egypt. I would love to see what it is like in the modern world, and experience the majesty of the pyramids in person.

“Cuba; the stories I have heard about the music scene in Cuba are so incredible and inspiring. Would love to experience that in person. New Zealand; we have some musician friends from the isle. Would love to walk the Lord of the Rings trail and check out all of the beauty it has to offer. Maybe play a few shows too!”

Buffalo Rose

What are the most challenging parts of touring as a band rather than a solo artist and how does Buffalo Rose overcome those challenges?

“Having six people means that there are a huge variety of things to consider. Making sure everyone is comfortable on the road, as well as making sure that we tour in a way that works for everyone is of the utmost importance to us. Each of us is different and has different needs! Honestly, though, we are a family. So we really look out for each other and we have a lot of fun on the road.”

What advice do you have for artists getting back into playing live shows after such a long break?

“Go to other people’s shows and study what they do! What is working well and what isn’t? As musicians, our live shows are such a dynamic and emotional way to bring people into our music. Engaging the audience and putting them first is the most important thing!”

What’s next for Buffalo Rose?

“Many shows, much more music to come! Look out for an EP collaboration with Tom Paxton this February, that’s our next big release, and we can’t wait to share it.”

Buffalo Rose

Buffalo Rose


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