Torch The Hive Are as Biting as Ever with Their New Album ‘Flamingo’ [Premiere]



It’s a good thing that we have bands like Torch The Hive around to remind us what constitutes real punk rock. Punk is so much more than a sound; it’s an attitude, an approach, and a philosophy. Remaining true to their roots and influences, Torch The Hive is excited to tomorrow be releasing their brand new album, Flamingo.

In writing and recording this record, singer Mike Fruel, bassist Tyler Sanders, and drummer Sergio Apanco made damn sure that this would be a release that would be as lyrically sharp, politically scathing, and as raw and authentic as possible. It’s punk rock the way it’s supposed to be, for the disenfranchised, alienated members of society.

Explaining what the record means to them, the band said,

“‘Flamingo’ is the product of our group growing up in a time of uncertainty. It’s a reminder to always question those in power and never stop believing in yourself and what you are capable of. We’ve laughed, cried, lost loved ones, and fought opposing forces during the making of this album and we want to share these experiences with you.”

The world has had to endure a lot of politically and morally corrupt individuals in high positions of power over the last few years, and Flamingo is a reaction or commentary of sorts, inspired by these characters. Recorded alongside Chris DeQuick in Chicago at Million Yen Studios, the band was interested in recording songs that would combine high energy and anthemic melodies, with more sombre, thought provoking lyrical content. This is a traditional punk rock record in the truest sense, and it shows the maturation process that the band has gone through over these last few years.

Flamingo is the sound of a group of men who have grown up as both musicians and individuals, while they continue to observe the world around them becoming more and more of a disastrous mess.

Flamingo Track Listing:

1. F.E.A.
2. Copaganda
3. Shame On You
4. Semolina
5. Sinclair
6. Molotov Trail
7. Evil Men

Tour Dates:

10/03 – Beat Kitchen, Chicago, IL (w/ Reagan Youth)
10/30 – Tivoli Bowl, Downers Grove, IL (w/ The Crombies)

Artwork for ‘Flamingo’ by Torch The Hive


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