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Sleep Token – ‘This Place Will Become Your Tomb’ [Album Review]

Sleep Token is possibly one of the most unique bands that have come to our attention in years and, simply put, ‘This Place Will Become Your Tomb’ (Spinefarm Records) is an incredible album!



Sleep Token is possibly one of the most unique bands that have come to my attention in years. To give an insight (of sorts) into the group and their style would be to say that they are a collective of masked musicians that worship an ancient deity simply identified as ‘Sleep.’ Unlike other groups who have donned the masked approach, this band continues to be mysterious in their interactions with fans. The musical style is also quite distinctive, merging a progressive metal sound with an ambient style that creates an atmosphere that borders on operatic.

The band’s aforementioned sound is captured perfectly in their new record’s opening track “Atlantic.” It is a piano-led, sombre opening that instals an air of sadness which is emphasized more when vocalist Vessel’s lyrics join the fray. It isn’t until over halfway through the almost five-minute track that the heavy sets in, but even as the tune’s tempo changes, the sombre mood is maintained. “Hypnosis” carries the tone from the opening track and weaves more mesmerizing sounds into this strange, yet intriguing album. “Mine” changes the mood slightly with a more upbeat feel whilst still maintaining a deep ambient atmosphere. This track has so many levels it’s hard to keep track of, but these levels work so well together and seamlessly transition between each other that trying to keep track is a pointless endeavour.

The stand-out song on This Place Will Become Your Tomb is without a doubt “The Love You Want.” Like all of the songs that have proceeded it, there is an essence of sorrow engulfing this tune, but it has an air of beauty to it that uplifts the listener in a way that makes one almost cherish sad times in one’s life.

Honestly, it would be so easy to comment and find meaning in every song on this record. All are deep and poignant, simultaneously sad and happy, and just so easy to lose oneself in; this is an incredible album! It’s even more astonishing that this band is still very young with This Place Will Become Your Tomb being only their second studio album, following 2019’s Sundowning. It is so incredibly polished and well-produced that it is clear that these strange individuals from the grimy streets of London were born to make music that will unlock emotions you never knew you had.

If this place is my tomb, then I welcome it gladly!

This Place Will Become Your Tomb Track Listing:

1. Atlantic
2. Hypnosis
3. Mine
4. Like That
5. The Love You Want
6. Fall for Me
7. Alkaline
8. Distraction
9. Descending
10. Telomeres
11. High Water
12. Missing Limbs

Run Time: 52:06
Release Date: September 24, 2021
Record Label: Spinefarm Records


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