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Hatebreed – ‘Weight of the False Self’ [Album Review]

It’s business as usual as metal behemoths Hatebreed return with their new slab of savagery ‘Weight of the False Self’. Read our review here.



Connecticut bruisers, Hatebreed have made a career creating music that makes you feel like you’re being repeatedly punched in the guts. Eight albums in and, as new offering Weight of the False Self pummels into opener “Instinctive (Slaughterlust),” it’s clearly going to be business as usual for Jasta and Co.

There is no time to ponder if the quintet have mixed things up as the opener finds the hardcore heavyweights kicking off this latest assault in their own familiar, uncompromising way. Delivered with savage ferocity, the opening track is packed with Hatebreed’s signature meaty, mosh-packed sound. Brutish choruses stand toe-to-toe alongside frontman Jamey Jasta’s unwavering lyrical determination as the likes of “Set It Right (Start With Yourself)” hurtle along at a frantic pace.

Continuing the onslaught, and as cathartic as ever, “Cling to Life” and “A Stroke Of Red” deserve to be screamed out loud by thousand of sweat-drenched metalheads while “Dig Your Way Out” is just two minutes and fifteen seconds of built-for-the-pit, balls-to-the-wall ferocity. Looking for a breather? Tough shit! The rampage continues with “This I Earned” sledgehammering through your face while “The Herd Will Scatter” combines plenty of Slayer-inspired rage with those huge call-to-arms backing vocals and Jasta’s ferocious vocals.

It’s not all pumped-up, punch-the-wall rage though. On offerings like “Wings of the Vulture,” Hatebreed momentarily ease off the gas but, even then, on the album’s more subtle, less aggressive moments these guys still pack one hell of a punch. That being said, hearing the band tear through the aforementioned “Dig Your Way Out” pumps you up so much that you’ll care not one jot when some seventeen-stone lump is about to unleash merry hell on your face as you both lose your minds in the pit. You see, whether you’re a fifteen-year-old kid, a forty-something banker, or someone who stacks shelves for a living, we all share that common need to forget that shitty day you’ve just had and, as Weight of the False Self demonstrates, Hatebreed know exactly how to help.

You’d think that, at this stage in their career, Hatebreed would be feeling more chilled? Thankfully, on Weight of the False Self, they show no signs of taking it easy, nor do they show any signs of changing their winning formula. Honestly, though, would you want it any other way? Weight of the False Self is Hatebreed doing what they do best and their eighth recording finds them as unapologetically savage as ever. This group of musicians know what they’re good at. They know what their fanbase wants and, even though they have many critics for sticking to their tried and tested formula, Weight of the False Self proves that nobody does this kind of thing better.

Weight of the False Self Track Listing:

1. Instinctive (Slaughterlust)
2. Let Them All Rot
3. Set It Right (Start With Yourself)
4. Weight Of The False Self
5. Cling To Life
6. A Stroke Of Red
7. Dig Your Way Out
8. This I Earned
9. Wings Of The Vulture
10. The Herd Will Scatter
11. From Gold To Gray
12. Invoking Dominance

Run Time: 34:51
Release Date: November 27, 2020
Record Label: Nuclear Blast


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