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PVRIS – ‘Use Me’ [Album Review]



The journey of PVRIS has seemingly been a long, winding road. Fans who have been around since the start have seen the group’s music shift throughout different genres, been to their tours with renowned artists around the globe, and have watched the members immensely grow along the way. Despite the chit-chat of the band going from “emo” to rock to a more mainstream pop sound, PVRIS has always been the authentic storytellers we’ve come to know so well. Even more so, frontwoman Lynn Gunn has come forth as the heart of the group, dismantling the typical “band” image they grew up with while honouring that PVRIS is still a team effort. Their third full-length release, Use Me, only further solidifies their craft.

At the release of the first single “Dead Weight,” fans were ready for another PVRIS banger to soundtrack summer adventures, much like All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell did in 2017. However, with the reality of the global wildfire that is Coronavirus, this album couldn’t have come at a better time; It will give fans something to hold on to, and Use Me really does have a little bit of everything–songs to bounce to, songs to cry to, and songs that simply hit close to home. Upbeat and highly danceable tracks “Death of Me,” “Hallucinations” and “Old Wounds,” from the recent EP Hallucations (October 2019), happily sit on Use Me’s tracklist, while new songs like “Loveless” and “January Rain” counterbalance the energy with a more sombre and poetic vibe.

“Stay Gold,” “Good To Be Alive,” and the title track “Use Me” are easily standout moments on the album. These songs appear to be the most diverse from the recent EP and truly showcase PVRIS’ multifaceted songwriting and musical maturity. However, it would be foolish to neglect the thematic connections to AWKOHAWNOH, particularly in the album closer “Wish You Well.” Gunn’s subtle story of past-life lovers may send flashbacks to that of the counterparts in “Same Soul” (2017), now shifting the narrative from that of hopeless chasing to one of healing, clarity, and freedom. PVRIS has proven their artistic expertise with this release, giving us an infectious pop recording with their signature melancholic and intimate lyrical messages.

On the surface, this album is undoubtedly meant to be blasted through your car stereo or danced to in your room at night, but the magical truth of Use Me is laced in the instrumental details—in the plucks of every harp string, in the vibrance of every vocal harmony, and in the pulses of the rhythmic waters. PVRIS have always layered their music with intention, and Use Me is the poster child for their gifted musicality. With the combination of working with a new label and branching out further into the sea of pop music, PVRIS is truly ready to shine and get the recognition they rightfully deserve as well-rounded and diverse musicians.

Use Me Track Listing:

1. Gimme A Minute
2. Dead Weight
3. Stay Gold
4. Good To Be Alive
5. Death of Me
6. Hallucinations
7. Old Wounds
8. Loveless
9. January Rain
10. Use Me
11. Wish You Well

Run Time: 40:41
Release Date: August 28, 2020
Record Label: Warner Records


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