Germany’s Cytotoxin are Radiating Hazardous Levels of “Chernobyl Death Metal”



Inspired by the famed and horrific Chernobyl nuclear disaster on the night of April 26th, 1986, German brutal/technical death metal band Cytotoxin made their debut into the world of extreme metal with 2011’s album Plutonium Heaven. The Chemnitz, Saxony-based band writes about nuclear disasters, Chernobyl, and the horrors that followed.

With lightning-fast sweep picking, brutal blast beats, and a mixture of ferocious pig squeals and guttural howls, Cytotoxin has not only made a big name for themselves but also fiercely stands out among the other bands of the genre. It is a tough task for emerging death metal acts to get recognition in Germany, especially considering the superiority of elites such as Necrophagist, Obscura, Defeated Sanity, and Necros Christos, not to mention the regular advent of the new forces. This said, Cytotoxin has definitely lived up to its ancestors and the contemporaries alike by carrying forward the blazing death metal torch.

Soon after their debut, with their 2012 release, Radiophobia, Cytotoxin sealed a deal with Unique Leader Records. Recorded at Kohlekeller Studio (Aborted, Benighted), the band’s sophomore record securely cemented their place in the realm of technical death metal. Their form of “Chernobyl death metal,” charged with melodic guitar shredding, insanely fast drumming, heavy riffs, and deep wrenching guttural vocals, has been widely accepted and, by now, praised by many.

Cytotoxin’s last release, 2017’s Gammagedon, pushed the group further towards becoming a formidable and savage death metal battalion. This third album has its originality and intensity well preserved. Taking influences from Vital Remains, the longest track of the album, “Chernopolis,” is by no means monotonous or without any substance. Moreover, the vivid use of voice samples in their songs makes the music all the more horrifying. Cytotoxin’s fantastic storytelling ability throughout the album is commendable and, when paired with well-constructed songs and fast, brutal substance, the end result is totally thrilling.

Recently, fans rejoiced when Cytotoxin confirmed they would unveil their fourth full-length, Nuklearth, on August 21st, 2020, via Unique Leader Records. With experience under their belt, a ton of momentum in-hand, and a milestone ten-year anniversary on the horizon, suffice it to say that Cytotoxin is currently emitting deathly levels of musical radiation. This German tech-death entity is near-meltdown and listeners are anxiously awaiting another aural explosion.

Artwork for ‘Nuklearth’ by Cytotoxin


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