Kenny Mason Airs Acoustic “Angels Calling” Video ft. Sakura



Fast-rising Atlanta rapper, Kenny Mason, has shared a Nasser Boulaich-directed acoustic video for his single “Angels Calling” featuring Sakura. The song is lifted from Angelic Hoodrat, the artist’s debut album which dropped on April 15th.

Commenting succinctly on his new video, Mason shares, “With this version of ‘Angels Calling’ we wanted to present the song in a way that would emphasize the emotion in the lyrics. We believed stripping down to just Sakura’s guitar and her voice on the hook makes this verse hit harder. It brings the listener more into the world being created. this verse means so much to me, I’m glad it’s being heard in such an intimate form.”

Artwork for ‘Angelic Hoodrat’ by Kenny Mason


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