Don’t Be a “Wet Towel,” Check Out Poppongene’s Mellow New Music Video



Australian artist Poppongene, aka Sophie Treloar, recently confirmed the July 3rd release of her seven-song debut EP, Futures Unsure, and now has unveiled the music video for her single “Wet Towel.” The Roxanne Halley-directed video (Hachiku, Pillow Pro) features footage recorded by Poppongene, her housemates, and Roxanne.

Commenting on the song, Poppongene shares: “‘Wet Towel’ describes the disconnect and parallel release at the end of a relationship. It’s a punchy and sparse song about the multitude of feelings loss brings. At its core, ‘Wet Towel’ snapshots the frustration of not being able to help someone you love – and the bittersweet realisation that you’re not responsible for anyone other than yourself.”

Regarding the video, she adds, “The ‘Wet Towel’ video was made in isolation, with my dear housemates, namely director Roxanne Halley. It tells a simple narrative of a woman wistfully washing, drying and folding her ex’s sheets and clothes, only to throw them straight into the trash. It’s a cheeky ‘fuck you’ farewell veiled by the dreamy and airy atmosphere of a perfume campaign.”

Futures Unsure Track Listing:

1. Not Wrong
2. Don’t Even Know
3. Tell Me How You Feel
4. Eternally Alone
5. I Can’t Be What You Need
6. Wet Towel
7. Already Gone
8. You’ll Never Know

Artwork for ‘Futures Unsure’ by Poppongene


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