SPiN – “Bitch” [Free Song Download]



Hailing from the City of Brotherly Love, SPiN is an alt-rock, power-pop quartet who’ve been worming into ears worldwide since their debut EP dropped in 2010. Based around highschool friendships, the band have slick energy, melodic style, and chemistry to boot. Their newest record, Make Me Move, dropped August 31, 2018, via howsaboutNOW? Records and helped to cement the group’s reputation as a leading pop-rock act.

In a continued effort to introduce their tunes to receptive minds, SPiN are offering their song “Bitch” – Make Me Move’s second track – as a free song download. The mid-tempo piece is punctuated by catchy vocal lines and a steady, propulsive chorus, while lead singer Eric Rothenheber laments his experiences with a particular dame.

On the bitchin’ tune, SPiN drops a little nugget of insight:

“Since the cops shut down our studio during the making of this album, ‘Bitch’ is one of the few tracks off of Make Me Move that actually has live drums.  It’s a funky little mix – kinda pop, kinda hard rock, kinda disco; that bitch is crazy!  See what we did there?”

Enjoy “Bitch” and use the tune as a gateway to exploring SPiN’s signature rockin’ sound.

Artwork for ‘Make Me Move’ by SPiN


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