Our Favourite Venues: Melodic Death Metal Band Temnein List Some of Their Fave French Venues

In this ongoing feature focussing on live music venues, melodic death metal band Temnein take us around their favourite French venues.



And so the lockdown continues. In the latest in our series featuring bands and their favourite venues, French melodic death metal band, Temnein, took us around five of their favourite French venues.

“In no particular order, here’s our top five independent venues in France. As many local venues in our main area have closed their doors recently, it was difficult to list a top five and, also with two of us living in different parts of the country, we’ve picked five of our favourite French venues.”

Le Ferrailleur, Quai des Antilles, 44200 Nantes, France
Le Ferrailleur is probably one the most “metal” venues in France, the proximity of Hellfest has maybe something related to this. It would take so much time to list all the notable tours and bands which have stopped by there!

Chez Paulette, 343 Rue Regina Kricq, 54200 Pagney-derrière-Barine
Chez Paulette is legendary in our area. It has opened in 1969 and this place has welcomed many jazz and blues legends but more recently it became a great place for alternative music and metal is more than welcome: Sepultura, Satyricon, Ensiferum, Moonspell and many more have played here.

Altherax, Route de 06200, 105 Route de Canta Galet, 06200 Nice, France
– There are not so many venues for metal in South-East of France but Altherax is a very good one and they are keeping the flame burning for alternative music in this area!

Les Trinitaires, 12 Rue des Trinitaires, 57000 Metz, France
Les Trinitaires is another great and atypical venue in our area. It has been set-up in a ancient chapel which is quite cool when metal bands play there, especially those with evil themes!

La Cooperative de Mai, Rue Serge Gainsbourg, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand, France
La Cooperative de Mai is a more “classic” venue and bigger than those listed above but they are way more open to metal than others venues of this type, this city always had a “rock’n’roll’ vibe. Outside Paris, there are not so many single places in France which has booked Slayer, Dream Theater, Mastodon, In Flames, Cradle of Filth and so many more…

Favourite Gig Memory

– Our best gig memory was at La Cooperative de Mai in Clermont-Ferrand, the last gig of our second album touring cycle in last September. The venue has organised a free show with several newcomers and local metal bands. This great opportunity brought us to a packed show with an memorable crowd reaction, best way to wrap a touring cycle. We were stoked, especially our lead guitarist who were happy to play a gig like this in his hometown!”


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