Freeman Warns of Dangerous Women with His “Maybe It’s Me” Video [Premiere]



“Maybe It’s Me” or maybe it’s just you. Well, while it may be best to just agree to disagree, we can all agree on one thing; Freeman’s got a very nice new music video to accompany his latest single “Maybe It’s Me.” The song is the first hint of what you’ll be getting more of on Freeman’s upcoming new album, Love, unfortunately not due out until August 14th. In the meantime, you got a new single, a song with an anthemic atmosphere to it about that particular woman that you had better be wary of even though you just can’t pull yourself away from her. It features Freeman’s gritty vocal style that helps add to the song’s wide radio appeal.

Freeman commented on the release of “Maybe It’s Me” by taking us behind the scenes of how and where it was conceived. “Maybe It’s Me’ was written and recorded during a final recording session which we did at Foel Studios in Wales. We headed out there with the sole mission to write three singles, and came away with a trio of the most amazing tracks: ‘Maybe It’s Me,’ ‘London Nights’ and ‘Get Me Started;’ good times! I had the melody for the verse and then Conor, the maestro guitarist, picked out the opening riff and the chorus came to us… boooom! Lyrically, I’m writing about a femme fatale, a dangerous, sexy woman whose very nature can fill one with self doubt, worry and angst leading you to ask ‘maybe it’s me… ?’ Are we still together? No, thank you very much! Hope you enjoy. Love F Freeman.”

Thanks to his distinctive combination of Brit-pop and a love of 1970s rock, Freeman has begun to turn some heads around his native London, England. A dedicated artist, he has been working diligently recording new music recently, with the upcoming Love serving as the follow up to his 2019 debut record Truth. Love is not only Freeman’s second record, it will also serve as part two of a four-album series with each record dealing with a different theme of ‘truth’, ‘love’, ‘freedom’ and ‘connection.’ This second edition isn’t just named Love for no reason, it’s a melodic exploration of all that constitutes the complexities of love, from initial attraction all the way through passion and heartbreak. It’s however, not all about romance with self-love also playing into the theme of the record. As you may expect, Love is littered with emotions, with melancholy, exhilaration and everything in between coming into play.

It may be bittersweet at times, but Love will both remind you of the good old days of ‘60s and ‘70s love as well as reinforce to you why Freeman is an artist worth watching.

Artwork for ‘Maybe It’s Me’ by Freeman


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