An Interview with Switzerland’s Hidden Gem, Imelda & Clyde



Imelda & Clyde, a unique duo from Switzerland, introduce themselves with a powerful new song and music video “Everything Matters”. A transcending, meditative song with idyllic harmonies sets the scene for the artful cinematic video that unfolds before us. Shot in Iceland, it’s easy to become transfixed with the imagery and contemplative sounds of “Everything Matters”. Recorded at Hanaroad Studios (CH) and Metropolis Studios (UK), mixed by Paul Norris, mastered by John Davis, and written & produced by Imelda & Clyde, “Everything Matters” is a stunning introduction to the next duo you should put on your playlist. We sat down to chat with Imelda & Clyde about the new single and their future music career.

What do you hope the music video/single conveys to the audience?
We hope that this single/music video makes the audience travel to a place they’ve never been before, a place where everything can be built again, where everything matters.
How does the music video tell the story/meaning of the song?With this music video we wanted to share something raw and powerful that would portray someone’s journey towards a goal he first thought was unattainable. The two characters go from feeling lost and lonely in their wild and hostile surroundings to standing up and getting the strength to find each other. Finally together at the end, they stay strong and face the horizon and its endless possibilities, letting go of their past challenges and looking down at the ones ahead.
What’s your favorite lyrical line in “Everything Matters”?”This is the end of us running from it all” . This line is very powerful, because it expresses the moment where one decides to stop running away from his past, face it, and build a better future.
What inspired “Everything Matters” to be written?We wrote “Everything Matters” at a moment in our lives where we felt that we needed to look back at our past and stop running away from it in order to move forward. By doing so, we started noticing how important some moments and things were, even the ones we once thought didn’t matter that much. The good, the bad, we realised that every big and little thing we had encountered, every action or choice we had made, did have an impact and made us who we are today. Everything Matters; the good, the bad, the big and the small.
What can fans expect next?Going out of our comfort zone is where we find the most of our inspiration, so with our next single and upcoming EP, fans can expect to find us again somewhere unexpected…
Connect with Imelda & Clyde:
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Website Instagram Spotify Twitter
Website Instagram Spotify Twitter


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