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Hysterics – “Anatomically Correct” [EP] [Album Review]

Though not the first to don the moniker Hysterics this Newmarket, Ontario three-piece punk band is arguably the most exciting iteration for anyone looking for a fresh take on punk and grunge alike.



An EP came out that most of us slept on including ourselves here at PureGrainAudio, but slowly the word has spread and more eyes are turning to Hysterics. Hailing from Newmarket, Ontario, the three-piece are not the first to don the moniker of Hysterics; eponymous psychedelic rock from Brooklyn and Olympia crustcore were both short-lived projects that also shared the title. But this latest iteration is arguably the most exciting for anyone looking for a fresh take on punk and grunge alike.

For an EP wanting to show off ability and vision for future tracks, this debut is aiming for the bleachers. It negotiates a mix of classic grunge, gothic punk, and riot grrrl. Hysterics are a go-between that level of discordance and influences, remaining firmly planted in grunge and good old punk, the most obvious comparisons being Hole and The Distillers. Though to this listener’s ear, AFI, Fugazi, and Misfits are more accurate examples of the sound lurking on the periphery.

Peep the band’s very “Anatomically Correct” music video.

All of this is to say you should be very excited for any future releases from this group. They have enough focus on noise, melody, and rhythm to wet almost anyone’s appetite. Here’s hoping the band gets enough time to assemble a proper full-length. And having been working on their sound for a couple years before putting any proper releases out there, it’s tantalizing to think that the group has enough restraint to make sure their next offering is the highest caliber possible. It’s what their sound deserves, and frankly, the wider music scene does as well.

Anatomically Correct Track Listing:

01. Anatomically Correct
02. Clean Room
03. I Can’t Tell You But I Know It’s Mine
04. Rub

Run Time: 10:48
Release Date: February 17, 2018
Record Label: Self-Release


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