Jessica Lea Mayfield (w/ Blank Range) @ 7th Street Entry (Minneapolis, MN) on November 11, 2017 [Photos & Show Review]

Jessica Lea Mayfield played to a packed show at the 7th Street Entry on Saturday, November 11th in Minneapolis, Minnesota with openers Blank Range.



Jessica Lea Mayfield played to a packed show at the 7th Street Entry on Saturday, November 11th in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Dimly lit and reminiscent of a dive bar, 7th Street Entry was the perfect choice of venue for an intimate and memorable show. Alt-rockers Blank Range (consisting of Matt Novotny, Grant Gustafson, Jonathon Childers, and Taylor Zachry) from Nashville, TN opened the show with their particular sound of psychedelic country-rock, reminiscent of the 70’s and good ‘ol fashioned Americana.

After a short period of time, Jessica took the stage to loud applause, backed by Blank Range members Matt Novotny on drums and Grant Gustafson on bass, along with Patrick Damphier on guitar. From Kent, OH but currently residing in Nashville, TN, Mayfield has played music since the age of eight and it showed in her stage presence. Opening with “Wish You Could See Me Now” and “WTF” from her most recent and fourth studio album Sorry Is Gone, the audience was quickly put into a trance with her haunting lyrics and dreamy vocals.

Midway through her set, Jessica shooed the band off stage for a few solos when a man next to me asked if she was going to play “Sometimes At Night.” With a laugh and a smile, Jessica told him it had not been her plan, but she would play if for him anyway. (Thank you, Lucas, for suggesting the song as it is one of my favorites.) Another solo was played and Patrick Damphier was subsequently brought on stage for a duet of another dark and moody unreleased tune. Closing with a handful of songs from previous albums, Jessica brought the crowd together as they sang along to her lyrics. Composed of a demeanor and personable attitude that is rare to find in musicians these days, Jessica Lea Mayfield made her performance one of the best I have experienced – and will remember for a long time.

Jessica Lea Mayfield Setlist:

01. Wish You Could See Me Now
02. WTF
03. Meadow
04. Offa My Hands
05. Kiss Me Again
06. Solo
07. Solo
08. Duet With Patrick Damphier
09. Bum Me Out
10. Soaked Through
11. Sorry Is Gone
12. Maybe Whatever
13. Pure Stuff
14. I Wanna Love You
15. Blue Skies Again
16. Our Hearts Are Wrong
17. Bible Days


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