Swedish Post-Punks INVSN Confess “I Dreamt Music” on New Track; New Album Out June 9th

Check out a new track from Swedish post-punks INVSN with “I Dreamt Music”.



Swedish post-punks INVSN has released their latest track “I Dreamt Music”, taken from the band’s upcoming full-length The Beautiful Stories, due out June 9th via Dine Alone Records. The track contains messages on consumerism and politics, which are reflected in its dark style and uneven groove. Political messages are common when it comes to the band’s frontman, Dennis Lyxzén, who is known for fronting bands such as Refused and Noise Conspiracy.

Lyxzén commented on the contemporary music scene: “Music always meant more to me then just entertainment. It has had a profound impact on everything that I am as a person and I see music as art and art as life. We live in a world devoid of meaning where we serve the lowest common denominator at all times. Where politics as an idea has failed us and where art is being reduced to consumerism and clickbait.”

He continues: “I wanted to write about the longing for resistance to the cultural/political/musical landscape that holds us imprisoned. I wanted to write about the naive, romantic and pretentious notion that music and art should be about ideas that can change and transform and maybe even be the beacon of hope in these dismal times.”

The Beautiful Stories Track Listing:

01. Immer Zu
02. This Constant War
03. Bom Bom
04. The Distance
05. I Dreamt Music
06. Deconstruct Hits
07. Love’s Like A Drug


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