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BackWordz – “Veracity” [Album Review]

Move over Rage Against the Machine, go home Prophets of Rage, BackWordz is King now! Read our review of Veracity here…



I was recently flipping through YouTube, checking out videos when I came across this band from the Lone Star State with the name BackWordz. The video was “Be Great” and, at first, I was listening and nodding my head to the beat, I dug it, it was kicking total ass, then at the 2:21 mark of the video, shit got real. Lead vocalist, Eric July started spitting out these rhymes that were more than words, they were more than just lyrics, what I was witnessing was raw, real emotion, Eric was throwing out the truth, and not only was it authentic, it was riveting.

And their upcoming debut album, Veracity is just that, hard-hitting, unapologetic, face-melting tunes that not only entertain but educate the listener. BackWordz is a mix of rap/metal with a message but the music does not get lost in their expressions. The lyrics and music fit like a hand a glove – both are heavy, hard and entertaining. The album is packed full of really great tunes, as I said before, some heavy and hard, some have more of a melodic lean. The vocals of Eric July and bass player/vocals, Alex James, have a quality next to none. I believe the listener will not only get over sixty minutes of absolute musical greatness from Backwordz, because the band is just that, but they may gain knowledge from these truth-seeking rhymesters.

The album is eighteen tracks of aggressive goodness that is a must hear. So move over Rage Against the Machine, go home Prophets of Rage, we still dig yah Linkin Park, but dammit, BackWordz is King now!

Veracity Track Listing:

01. Pop It Off
02. Individualism
03. Self Ownership
04. Demon Rat
05. Statism
06. You Are You
07. Tell Me
08. Be Great
09. So to Speak
10. Praxeology
11. The Professional Protestor
12. Addict
13. Democracy Sucks
14. Utopias Don’t Exist
15. Let Me Live
16. Snap
17. Stathiest
18. Set Us Free

Run Time: 62:58
Release Date: March 31, 2017

Check out the track “Let Me Live”


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