MINISTRY Guitarist Sin Quirin Debuts Second 3 HEADED SNAKE Track “Catharsis”

Ministry guitarist Sin Quirin has released a new single called “Catharsis” from his new side project 3 Headed Snake.



Last month we brought you news of a new project from Ministry guitarist Sin Quirin called 3 Headed Snake. A classic metal/power metal project featuring Aionios’ Johnny Ray on vocals, the duo has now released the second track from the project, a dark, brooding mid-tempo number called “Catharsis.”

Currently with Ray on vocals and Quirin playing guitar, bass, keyboards, and drum programming, the project is looking to enter the studio in the coming months with plans to release an EP in 2017. Today, the band released a call for musicians to flesh out the band prior to entering the studio and playing gigs later this year.


We are In the early stages of looking for band members for my metal project 3 Headed Snake. This is straight up old school metal/power metal. We are planning on going into the studio in the next few months and looking to do some shows later on in the year. Pro’s only please. As of right now this is not a full time band/gig.

We will be going over everyone’s submissions so check out the FB page and LISTEN TO THE TRACKS on the Soundcloud link. If you dig what you hear, private message me or email me at with some links on your work and credentials and we will take it from there and discuss more details.First step is to follow directions.“


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