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This Dying Hour – “Resting Where No Shadows Fall” [Album Review]

Having been knocking around since 2006, This Dying Hour are back and, despite a raft of upheavals throughout their career, are still able to smashing out uncompromising metal like they do on Resting Where No Shadows Fall. Read our review here…



UK metal outfit This Dying Hour have been knocking around since 2006, they’ve seen bands come and go, life has got in the way, but all that is forgotten when the grinding thud of “War Drums”, the first track proper on their new album, Resting Where No Shadows Fall, kicks in and all hell breaks loose.

An abrasive listen, the likes of the skittish “Asleep” blend melody with crunchy, chugging guitars, throaty, jagged vocals and some real rage while the more melodic tones of “Path Of Unknown” build into something quite glorious as the sound ascends into a cocktail of soaring vocals and built-for-pits riffs. However, it’s the calming melodies the band interweave into the sound that really sets this apart from other albums inspired by the usual suspects of modern metal bands (KSE, Lamb Of God etc.). It’s a nice touch and certainly gives flavour to the bludgeoning crunch this group use as the base for their sound.

Their passion is further fuelled by a lyrical twist inspired by animal cruelty and corrupt politics – common themes among metal bands, but one that fits nicely in with the uncompromising approach This Dying Hour take on Resting Where No Shadows Fall.

Resting Where No Shadows Fall Track Listing:

01. Resting Where No Shadows Fall
02. War Drums
03. Asleep
04. Path Of Unknown
05. Time To Die
06. Underworld
07. Alive
08. Priapism
09. Room 108

Run Time: 31:12
Release Date: September 30, 2016

Check out the track “Path Of Unknown”


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