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Stone Angels – “Give In To Temptation” [Album Review]

Unsigned Brighton rockers Stone Angels pour blood, sweat and tears into their new album. Read our review here.



The Brighton rock scene here in the UK is one of those scenes where you can go out on any night of the week and find yourself checking out the next big thing. You could also find a whole plethora of bands who, while they might not be the next big thing, could become your favourite new band and hard-rockers Stone Angels are precisely the kind of band I’m talking about.

Having been peddling their riff-soaked wares since 2011, the Brighton rockers might be missing that killer edge which would take them up to the next level but they certainly have a bag full of tunes which fans of bands like Alter Bridge and Black Stone Cherry would be more than happy to soak up. Their whiskey-soaked riff-rock is peppered with songs about love, life, relationships, distant memories and similar rock fodder and they’re all wrapped around big riffs and big beats. As you listen and soak up songs like current single “Can You?” or opener “Misplaced Memories”, you’ll discover a band who, both musically and lyrically, wear their hearts on their sleeves. While they may just been missing that magic ingredient, you can’t knock them for pouring heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears into their honest, heartfelt music.

Give In To Temptation has honesty pouring through its veins and, coupled with the fact that the band pour every ounce of energy into their music has you hoping that, one day, in one of the shitty venues they play across the country, there will be an A&R guy willing to take a chance on this lot and stick them on a bill with one of the big-hitting American hard rock acts out there.

Track Listing:

01. Misplaced Memories
02. Devil’s Child
03. Last Goodbyes
04. Can You
05. Fantasy
06. Lines In The Sand
07. Thousand Years
08. Falling Down
09. Devil’s Grip
10. Fine Day
11. Shadows Of The Black Sun

Run Time: 36:48
Release Date: 4th September 2015


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