Stoneghost (w/ Death Kindly Waits For Me, Brutai) @ Upstairs At The Garage (London, UK) on March 20, 2015 [Show Review]

Stoneghost celebrated the release of their groove-laden new album with a pummelling launch party in London. Read the review here.



On what is a cold, dreary and wet night in old London town, things are in full swing upstairs at The Garage where the venue plays host to one of the most exciting and yet strangely familiar upcoming acts in recent times, Stoneghost. Releasing their new album New Age of Old Ways a showcase of all things groove-laden the night saw them joined by support acts Death Kindly Waits for Me and Brutai.

“Death Kindly Waits For Me” starts off the proceedings and, despite the venue still filling up, this does nothing to put a damper on their enthusiasm. Peddling pop-punk tinged hardcore the band have enough melodic passages to keep punters who aren’t keen on the heaviness aspect still interested. Adam Fitch finds the stage too crowded and spends the majority of the time launching himself around the empty spaces in the crowd and keeping the momentum alive while the crowd are still shaking off the rain.

The venue starts to fill as Brutai take to the stage unveiling their unique form of progressive metal. Synth-keys are mixed with aggression and, add in some destructive riffs and a good dose of beautifully delivered cleans and the end result is a sound that will convert even the most stubborn of elitist metallers. The only gripe that can be said is the sound tonight did not do them justice with the mix affecting several key parts of their set. However, it’s a minor gripe for such a great band that really deliver live.

Tonight’s change-over music seemed like every tune ever written by the legendary Pantera and, for anyone in attendance wondering why they were treated to such an onslaught, Stoneghost made sure to answer them.

Full of Pantera style groove – from the pummelling guitars that effortlessly walk along the same path as Lamb of God, Throwdown and Exhorder, to the towering and physical rebirth of Phil Anselmo that is Stoneghost vocalist Jason Smith – this is a band that feels familiar but somehow take it to the next level tonight. This night is all about Stoneghost and the crowd knows it. Pulling the crowd in, they delivered a constant barrage of destructive riffs, crushing vocals and head-splitting drumming that pummels them into submission. With this kind of live show and a new album out, Stoneghost are sure to not take any prisoners in their path towards the top of the UK scene.


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