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Trivium – “Ascendancy” [Album Review]

Before you hit play on Trivium’s Ascendancy and make your attempt at astral planning to the pure land, meditate on the history of a great new band. There is some serious mastery involved in this band.



Before you hit play on Trivium’s Ascendancy and make your attempt at astral planning to the pure land, meditate on the history of a great new band. There is some serious mastery involved in this band. If you haven’t listened to any of the bands mentioned below, you may want increase your metal knowledge before continuing. Ascendancy isn’t an album to be taken lightly and the appreciation I feel for it is greatly enhanced by the fact that it’s noting like any of the bands below. This is an album that requires your attention. My advice; go buy a bus ticket to somewhere and take only Trivium – Ascendancy with you. You will not come back the same; I didn’t…. Can you be that which is seen through the mist?

Matt Heafy (Trivium) – vocals
Dino Cazares (ex-Fear Factory) – rhythm guitar
Nadja Peulen (ex-COAL CHAMBER) – bass
Roy Mayorga (ex-SOULFLY, MEDICATION, THORN)- drums
Logan Mader (ex-MACHINE HEAD, SOULFLY) – melodic guitar harmonics
Rhys Fulber (ex-FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY) – keyboards, programming

The album opens with the track “The End of Everything”… well its about fuckin’ time ’cause I was tired of waiting. Honestly I’ve been telling people that destiny was on its way. Inevitability of awesomeness abounds… bust it on my face. (Track 2) .. “Rain” and so does it fall upon the souls of those who have been blessed with the evolutionary consciousness of metal. We raise our heads and gaze upon the speed and Trivum falls without remorse upon us. So fast… break down… pound me open. If your not behind your eyes and seeing yourself as you want to be to this music then you have not excepted the first track. Please go back and start over. Advice for those of you who aren’t being transported to the next level… don’t race the Dragon, be the Dragon. As the song progresses, do not fear the places inside your mind, prepare them, because the last 20seconds of this song will shock them.

(Track 3) “Pull harder on the strings of your Martyr” prepare for the battle. Feel your stomach turn and face your fear. Swallow it and push forward. You’ve got exactly 2 min 31 sec before your have to start mentally tearing apart everything you doubt. Find that which must be battled and bear witness to it. Dream yourself more powerful. (Track 4) “Drowned and Torn Asunder” Pick yourself up, look upon that which resembles your worst nightmare and face it. It is time for the battle. Deconstruction must take place… there is only one direction. Live the Dragon… “THE TIME IS NOW TO LEAD THE BATTLE.” Give up all hope of mental soberness and drown in the delusion of reality. Don’t quit, give it all. (Track 5) “Ascendancy” given that you’ve gone through a state of mitosis and battled yourself you may feel the light of excellence parting the rains of reformation. Walk towards the light on the wings of metal, “ascend above the ashes of the worlds I once lived.”

(Track 6) “A gun shot to the head of Trepidation” Bask in the glory of tranquility as freedom rains. Equanimity as it were, has never been so justly earned. (Track 7) “Like light to the Flies” Destiny travels ever nearer, but one may not look upon creation but merely understand the reflection. Throw your thoughts elsewhere and burn not in the eternal flames of life. Reincarnation will come on the wings of the spirit dragon, your trip shall lead else were, avert your eyes. We are more than we believe but less than we would dream. God-like in imagination, but not in physicality. (Track 8) “Dying in your arms” Understanding of our own destruction releases us from our physical state and we may now become invisible to those who have not ascended. Beware the seductions and lead yourself not to lack of awesomeness in this state most glorious.

(Track 9) “The Deceived” if you can’t become invisible please repeat track 4 through 8, as the rest of us witness the separation of purity and falsehood, through which we must understand that we are of the same. All branches lead to the same roots. The full fury of the Dragon of destiny may not be felt until time and space are understood. The reciprocal nature of this event will exponentially increase our metal capacity for time travel. (Track 10) “Suffocating sight” And as we see beyond time and space we become blinded by the unrelenting light of the fires of forever. Look upon that which burns the on the fuel of glory… blinded by sight beyond sight. (Track 11) “Departure” We burn in the pure light. Emotions cease as we rejoin the cosmic lattice. Oneness. (Track 12) “Declaration”….

Transform, Transcend… Trivium.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. The End of Everything
02. Rain
03. Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr
04. Drowned and Torn Asunder
05. Ascendancy
06. A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation
07. Like Light to the Flies
08. Dying in Your Arms
09. The Deceived
10. Suffocating Sight
11. Departure
12. Declaration

Run Time: 55:11


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