Goo Goo Dolls – ‘Chaos In Bloom’ [Album Review]

In ‘Chaos In Bloom’ (Warner Records), Goo Goo Dolls, while remaining true to their roots, have still managed to create an album that feels fresh while still being slightly nostalgic.

Beach Rats – ‘Rat Beat’ [Album Review]

Beach Rats’ ‘Rat Beat’ (Epitaph Records) is a riveting collection of well-conceived, expertly executed tracks of snotty hardcore punk by lifers who happen to be feeling the need for it lately.

Arch Enemy – ‘Deceivers’ [Album Review]

Whether you’re a fan of the Swedes’ more melodic elements or you’re one for their skull-cracking metal juggernauts, Arch Enemy’s ‘Deceivers’ (Century Media Records) has it all.

Atlas Bird – “ONYX” [Song Review]

Based in Leipzig, Germany, alternative duo Atlas Bird recently released their new single/music video, “ONYX,” a track lifted from their forthcoming album, produced by Franz Plasa. Made up of Martin Schröder-Zabel (vocals, guitars) and Axel Kunz (drums, keyboards), Atlas Bird’s sound encompasses elements of alt-rock, alt-pop, and prog-rock, surpassing the depth and dimension expected from

Bullet For My Valentine – ‘Bullet For My Valentine’ (Deluxe Edition) [Album Review]

Less than a year since its release, Bullet For My Valentine return with a deluxe edition of their self-titled seventh album (Spinefarm Records), adding further value with five additional tracks.

Walshy – “Long Time” [Song Review]

With its dream-pop dance flavors, hip-hop rhythm, and rippling vocal washes, Walshy’s “Long Time” (Sleepover Club Records) delivers an imaginative audio-visual experience.

Turian – ‘No Longer Human’ [Album Review]

‘No Longer Human,’ Seattle-based noise-driven hardcore outfit Turian’s fourth album offering, is a kaleidoscope of heavy musical influences.

Soulfly – ‘Totem’ [Album Review]

Soulfly return with the twelfth album of an incredible twenty-five year career. Read our thoughts on ‘Totem’ here.

Draven – ‘Abyssal Arcana’ [Album Review]

Draven’s self-released ‘Abyssal Arcana’ is a really strong introduction to horrorsynth. Strap on your chainsaws, pack your Ouija boards and dive right in.

Lathe – ‘Tongue of Silver’ [Album Review]

Lathe’s ‘Tongue of Silver’ (Grimoire Records) is a welcome soundtrack to the increasingly sweltering summer and will keep the afterglow of its scorching sonic burn in your mind even while the winds of winter begin to creep into your room at night.

Ithaca – ‘They Fear Us’ [Album Review]

An album written to fuck with every notion you have about heavy music, Ithaca’s ‘They Fear Us’ (Hassle Records) is going to twist and stab at every nerve and sense you have.

Journey – ‘Freedom’ [Album Review]

Simply, ‘Freedom’ (BMG) isn’t old Journey, and it’s not new Journey, and you can’t compare the two. It’s a new band with an old attitude that still kicks ass!

Between Exultation and Aggression – An Extreme/Death Metal Documentary Film (Noise Dosage Media) [Documentary Review]

Creator/director Jon Lambert delivers ‘Between Exultation and Aggression’ (Noise Dosage Media), a bare-bones extreme music documentary that tackles the subject matter with no bullshit and even fewer frills.

“STAG” – A film by Alexandra Spieth [Movie Review]

Bottom line: the strength of Alexandra Spieth’s new horror-comedy ‘STAG’ is its seamless ability to integrate the conversational, natural dialogue steeped in antagonism and unclear motives.

It Came from Aquarius Records (by Kenneth Thomas) [Documentary Review]

Overall, ‘It Came from Aquarius Records’ (by Kenneth Thomas) successfully weaves its tale with enough charm to spill over into other documentaries one might wish would be made about its charming cast of personalities.

“The Insatiable Necrosexual #1” by Necrosexual [Comic Book Review]

The Insatiable Necrosexual comic is just as batshit as fans could hope for. It’s an appeal to a very specific crowd who are all already in on the joke.