young guns


British rock band Young Guns has definitely been making waves. They were recently named the I Heart Radio/Clear Channel “New Artist of the Month” and have steadily been building up a dedicated fanbase. They have all the prerequisite criteria for a quality modern rock band – great pumping rhythms, good amounts of distortion, the ability to switch between intense moshy tracks and rock ballads, etc.

The Static Jacks have accomplished a lot in their three years together. The Westfield, New Jersey band started out under the name Waterdown Clockwise before settling on the more appealing Static Jacks. Like so many other groups, they released a debut EP (2009’s Laces) and started out on several tours with other indie rock bands like Futureheads, Young the Giant and We Were Promised Jetpacks. All the hard work of two full years resulted in the debut Static Jacks album titled If You’re Young which came out at the end of last summer. If You’re Young is a progression over the sound debuted on their EP which exposed the band to an even greater fan base.